What happens if you’re pregnant and you get the depo shot

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There’s no information on getting the Depo Provera shot after pregnancy. It is very effective so it would be very uncommon. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you%27re-pregnant-and-you-get-the-depo-shot ]
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What happens if your pregnate and get the depo shot??
How long ago did you have the shot of depo? How old are you? What exactly is your question?
What happens if you get the depo provera shot while you’re pregna…?
I’m not sure about the depo provera shot, but i know that if you take the provera pills during the first 4 months of your pregnancy, there is a possibility that it could cause problems to your unborn baby. i got this information from drugs….
What will happen if you took the Depo shot when you did not know …?
i don’t know for sure but i read somewhere that if you get pregnant while on depo and continue to get the shot the result would be premature birth. i didn’t see anything about birth defects but i’m not sure.

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what will happen if you get the depo prevera shot unknowing that you are pregnant?
Q: i had gotten the depo provera shot about 3 months ago. and i am due for another one. the only thing is i feel as if i was pregnant before the shot. when i first got my shot they tested me to see if i was and i told that it had been about 5 days since unprotected sex. since i thought it took about 14 days to show if pregnant that i might had been. the lady that tested me said it would be fine that it would show if i was or not. but it came back negative. anyway for the past 3 months i have uncontrolable headaches, stomach pains, vomitting, dizziness, breast tenderness etc. some signs to when you’re pregnant? i have been trying to find out what can happen to me (and baby?) if i were pregnant? thank you.
A: That’s a new one on me. My gyn told me I had to wait until I was on my period to get the shot.They gave you a pregnancy test before the shot since you weren’t on your period. I’d take a test to see if you are pregnant and go from there. If you are…(I doubt it) call the doc and see what the side effects are on the baby’s development.If not….I’d say that you’re unfortunate enough to have a bad reaction to depo. I was on it for 18 months and I reacted to it too. Although I was fortunate enough not to have the symptoms you have I had my own list of them to warn me off of Depo forever.Most of the symptoms you’ve listed are common with Depo. If they persist I’d discontinue the shot and use another method of birth control.Hope everything works out for you.
Could someone intelligent answer this question?
Q: Okay, well this is going to take some detail.I have been on Depo Provera long enough to have only 2 shots,and my third is due this month.I’ve only been on it for what, 6 months?I’ve read in cases where some people trying to conceive had so much trouble, but in those it was women who’d been on the shot for years.Some people have a period on the shot, some don’t.Primarily you spot for a few days after you get the shot, and then it goes away. Well I’ve always had wacky periods, so I went on the pill not long after I got my first ever one because they were so heavy it was unreal. Well I have trouble swallowing pills, so I never lasted on the BC for long, and finally I got on the shot. It went well for my first shot, The entire three months I never had a period, and then I got my second one, and for those first two months? Nothing. And then all of a sudden I’d spot, and it would stop. And a few days later I’d spot, and then it would go away. And then it would turn into a fullblown period, that would last for maybe a day or two, and then go away. And it keeps happening. One day I won’t be, the next day I will be.But here is a major part of the question.Am I able to get pregnant right now?I know if someone asks how do you know if you’re pregnant people always say well when did you miss your period?Well, how do you know if you miss your period if you never know when you’re going to start? Recently I had unprotected sex, and he did not pull out. I’m really excited about the possibility of becoming pregnant, because I was supposed to get my shot a while ago.,but I want to know if I’m able to and what you all think with all this wacky bleeding and such.And please, SOMEONE GIVE ME AN INTELLIGENT ANSWER.Someone who knows what they’re talking about.I’m sick of “Well it all depends,” or “Everyone is different”Please, give me something to run with.Sorry for the confusion guys.As far as I know, I was supposed to get my shot a few days before the unprotected sex. All my doctor said was, “just sometime in September.”She was really vague about it, except saying not to wait until October because then it would be too late.And well I am on the Depo obviously, I’m just due for my third shot.
A: ok….i was on depo for 3 needles but in the end i stopped because of the crappy bleeding here and there!…never knowing if it was going to start on any given day??…it made me crampy and bloated all the time, my skin was a mess and i got head aches…..But i never fell pregnant on it…and my partner and i were having regular UNPROTECTED sex…even if you are on depo there is a chance that you can become pregnant…it is HOWEVER very unlikely….but you can still test for pregnancy as any one else would….given you are unsure of periods and the likes….test about 3 to 4 weeks after the UNPROTECTED sex…because that would be when the HCG levels are high enough to show up!….or you can go to your doctor and tell him your stressed and see what he recommends!…good luck hun!… DEPO is not for ALL women!….EDIT:…i just re read your question as some one said your NOT on anything ATM…..however at the begining you say you are due for the” third shot this month”……And at the end you state “i was supposed to get my shot a while ago”…. which is it?…..are you ON DEPO or NOT ON DEPO currently?…and were you late for the shot when you had the unprotected sex???..or were you still covered by the last needle….THE ANSWER WILL have a bearing on ALL of the ANSWERS you have recieved!
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