What happens to Edward, Bella, and Jacob in Breaking Dawn

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Bella is pregnant and nearly dies childbirth so Edward changes her into a vampire. Jacob imprint’s the baby and he is a werewolf. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-to-edward%2C-bella%2C-and-jacob-in-breaking-dawn ]
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What do u guys thinks is going to happen to bella, edward and jac…?
I think Edward and Bella end up together and Bella becomes a vamp. Because Twilight fans around the world would riot if this didn’t happen. Also I think Jacob and Leah imprint on each other, because Jake is always saying he’ll never imprint…

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what do you think will happen in breaking dawn??who do you think Jacob will imprint on?do you think Bella wil?
Q: will really turn into a vampire? who do you think would be the best actor to play Edward,Jacob, and Bella?
A: What do you think will happen in breaking dawn?Jacob will try to stop the wedding and convince Bella that Edward is not meant for her and tell her not to be transferred into a vampire and he will guilt trip her by telling her she will be ruining her family if she goes through with it. The Voltri vampires will come and this will upset the werewolves and some sort of war will take place in which the Cullen’s are trying to protect the La Push clan and during the war one of the Voltri vampires will try to find Bella to “take care of her” and bite her but the Cullen’s will come and save Bella from death but not suck the venom out this time.Who do you think Jacob will imprint on?I think Jacob will imprint on one of Bella’s friends from school at the wedding, maybe Angela.Do you think Bella will really turn into a vampire?This one is tough…. I honestly don’t know if Stephenie will change her… I hope she does and I think she knows that is what the majority of her readers want but I don’t know if she will which makes me very anxious for Breaking Dawn to come out. If Bella is changed she will have some supernatural power such as being hyper aware about her surroundings.Who do you think would be the best actor to play Edward,Jacob, and Bella?Edward: For me, no one in reality can compare to the Edward that exists in my mind/imagination. I honestly haven’t even found a close comparison…. How can you compare something eternal and perfect to something that is mortal and imperfect? I have no idea who this is but I saw this when I was Google imaging “Edward Cullen” and I thought he looked pretty dang close to Edward perfection:http://vampire.blograpide.com/index.htmI am talking about the photo that has “Edward” in two mirror poses. NOT the ugly guy on the leopard couch. But That person is an actor so…. Tom Sturridge would be alright I guess.Jacob: Young Jacob Tyler Posey, Old Jacob Steven Strait (he is gorgeous in The Covenant). Bella: Emily Browning look wise but acting wise I don’t know. I like Alison Lohman too.
what do you think is going to happen in breaking dawn??? do you think bella is going to stay with edward?
Q: Some where i heard that bella might be with jacob and edwards going to be with tanya from alaska. I wanna nkow what you think.
A: Of course you do have to think Edward told Bella that there is no chance that he could ever turn her (Bella) into a Vampire because he wants her to have a normal life as a human since he never got that opportunity and so you have to think either one of two things will happen either she finally will not mind and still be with him until she dies or she will finally get sick of the whole thing and leave him for somebody else she does have a strong mind after all. Oh sorry bye the way if I seem a little bit too insensitive about the whole thing but I am just giving an detached opinion of how Stephanie Mayer may choose to continue the story. Of course if I had it my way then of course Bella would be turned into a vampire of course I think Edward would be too chicken to do so Alice would need to do it or Esme I don’t think Carlisle would do it because he is pretty much immune to blood-lust. But then you would have to think that if Bella would turn into a vampire the sent of her would dramatically change and there might not be the same attraction that they have plus Bella faints at the sight and smell of blood anyway.
What happens in Breaking Dawn, from the Twilight saga?
Q: Um, I read the first three books, and starting from Eclipse it started getting sorta disgusting and stuff. I’m not allowed to, and don’t want to, read the last book. But I still want to know. Can someone tell me, in detail, what happens in Breaking Dawn? I’m just OH SO curious! Does Bella choose Edward, or Jacob? And what happenes after that? About bella becoming a vampire, and the Volturi????
A: In the beginning, Bella is driving her new car that Edward gave her to protect her before the wedding. Jacob has run away because he got that invite from Edward to the wedding. Bella chooses Edward, of course, and they get married. While on their honeymoon, Bella becomes pregnant. This is after a few times that they have sex. The baby is killing Bella, and Edward is suggesting an abortion. The story is in three parts. Bella, then Jacob, then Bella again. At the beginning of Jacob’s part, Paul is in his living room. He’s imprinted on Jacob’s sister. Gross huh? Jacob will have Paul as a brother someday. He meets up with the pack, after breaking Paul’s nose, and learns Bella is back, but is pregnant. He runs to save Bella when Sam orders everyone to come with him to kill the baby, and Bella with it. Jacob starts his own pack, with Seth and Leah Clearwater. Bella is expecting the baby to be a boy, while Edward is expecting it to be a monster. He asks Jacob to kill him when the baby kills Bella. Jacob agrees, and starts picking on Rosalie and telling her blond jokes. She treats him like a real dog though. It’s kind of funny. When half the family goes on a hunting trip, Bella goes into labor. She has started drinking blood to keep her strength up. The placenta has detached from her, and the baby is dying. Edward preforms an emergency C-section. Oh, I forgot something. The baby has been pounding on her from the inside, then Edward listens to the baby’s thoughts, and learns the baby adores its parents. Edward soon learns to love the baby, and Jacob is outraged. Jacob reveals to Charlie is a werewolf, and Charlie stays away from him, far away from him. The baby turns out to be a girl, and Bella names her Renesmee. Bella sort of dies, and Jacob tries to keep her alive as Edward tries to save her. Jacob goes to kill Renesmee, because he doesn’t feel a pull to her anymore. He feels a pull towards the baby girl. He imprints on Renesmee. Bella almost kills him after her first hunt, she was able to run away from humans when she caught their scent. Bella winds up breaking Seth’s collarbone instead of ripping Jacob’s head off. Bella is very calm for a newborn vampire, but learning what happened with Renesmee, she snaps. Bella gets to hold Renesmee, and learns she grows much faster than a normal human baby. She is half human, half vampire. She has ivory pale skin, flushed red cheeks, curly bronze hair, blood running through her veins, a heartbeat faster than a human’s, some vampire powers, she can show people images, she shines in the sun, and chocolate brown eyes. The curls come from Charlie. It’s sweet how Stephanie interpenetrated some of Charlie in there. Renesmee’s middle name was Carlie. A mix of Charlie and Carlisle. Then, Irina, part of the Denali clan, sees Renesmee hunting, and goes to tell the Volturi that the Cullens have created an immortal child. Tons of the vampire clans from around the world join forces, and stop the Volturi from killing Renesmee. Irina is murdered for giving out false information. Bella saves her family with her power, which is a mind shield. She covers her entire family and everyone else with her shield, and tells Jacob to run off with Renesmee is things go wrong. She has already gotten them fake identities. Bella finally lets Edward into her head, and they all live happily ever after in their little piece of forever.
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