What happens when your rh negative

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There’s usually no problem with Rh- unless a pregnant woman is Rh- and the baby is Rh+. If the pregnant woman’s blood mingle with the baby’s, her body may produce antibodies. This may cause problems in the pregnancy. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-your-rh-negative ]
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What happens when your rh negative
There’s usually no problem with Rh- unless a pregnant woman is Rh- and the baby is Rh+. If the pregnant woman’s blood mingle with the baby’s, her body may produce antibodies. This may cause problems in the pregnancy. Thanks for using ChaCha…
What may happen if I am Rh-negative and pregnant?
If you are Rh-negative, you may develop antibodies to an Rh-positive baby. If a small amount of the baby’s blood mixes with your blood, which often happens, your body may respond as if it were allergic to the baby. Your body may make antibo…
What Happens to The Baby When Mom is Rh-negative?
Prenatal care is imperative. Immediately, upon being diagnosed as pregnant, the obstetrician should be testing the mother’s blood. One of the screenings is for blood type. There is a factor that does not affect a woman’s…

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answers for pregnancy question even weird ones?
Q: 1.when will the dark line on my belly appear? 4th or 5th month2.I’m Rh negative what happens now? ask doctor if you will need rhogam, if baby is rh positive you will get it.3.Is rhogam important ?yes, very important.4.My babies father is older will it cause problems with my baby?yes it could, but he has a chance to be very healthy.5. I have an std can my baby get it? yes.6. should i drink caffine pregnant? try caffine free(sprite) it’s not good,but check with the doctor about that, for some people it could cause alot of problems.7.my uterus is tilted, is this a problem? Probably not, but check with the doctor about the warning signs of a problem.8. I’m a junk food junkie?enjoy it, but beware you still need a great diet and so does the baby, try eating healthy before throwing down the junk.9. I love spicey food? enjoy as long as you can handle it.10. I got food poisoning will my baby suffer? your more likely to suffer than the baby will, but still check with doctor.
A: Whats the question?Looks like you already know!
Prenatal Testing & Insurance (TriCare)…Please give me your stories/advice?
Q: Ok, I’m completely stressing out about this!!! I recently had a miscarriage. My OBGYN sent me to the hospital to have all the bloodwork done (Prenatal Panel: CBC, Hepatitis, ect.) I also had to get a shot of Rhogam because I’m RH-negative. TriCare is my insurance (for military families) and I had authorization to see this OBGYN for prenatal care, and she was the one that sent me to the hospital for these tests. I recently saw the bill from TriCare showing that the hospital charged them $440 for these blood tests, and TriCare only paid $28!!! I have a feeling that the hospital is going to bill me for the rest! If I end up paying the rest, that’s 94% of the bill. Why wouldn’t the insurance pay at least 50%?? What’s the point of having insurance. These blood tests are standard when a woman is pregnant, it’s not like the doctor had me do something out of the ordinary. Does anyone have TriCare and has this happened to you? I’m almost terrified to get pregnant again in fear that they won’t cover me!
A: I have Tricare and I get many of the same things on my bills. But I have never had to pay a dime.If you have Tricare Prime, you should not have to pay anything. Oftentimes, insurance companies have it worked out with the hospital to not have to pay the full price for the procedures. If you do get a bill that says your patient responsibility is for the other 94%, appeal it and do not pay it. If you were referred somewhere by your Tricare Prime PCM, you should not be responsible for the bill, as long as it is a procedure that is covered by Tricare and I believe what you have described is covered by Tricare as it would be considered routine bloodwork for your situation.
can ya tell me how to determine blood types?
Q: like what happens when you put your blood to antigen B, A , and RH..And how to determine if the blood is positive or negative,,thanks
A: There are all kinds of sites where you can buy home blood typing kits. You need to prick your finger (no big thing if you are diabetic!) to get the blood onto the the kit. Just type “home blood typing kit” into a search engine.
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