What Has anyone ever gotten pregnant with an iud

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Yes, it’s possible. Typical use of IUD: 1 or less women become pregnant, Perfect use: 1 or less women become pregnant out of 100. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-has-anyone-ever-gotten-pregnant-with-an-iud ]
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Do you know anyone who has gotten pregnant with an IUD??
i had a friend that got pregnant while she has an IUD, i’m not sure what kind but it’s definitely possible.
Is an IUD really effective? Has anyone gotten pregnant using an I…?
Yes, people technically HAVE gotten pregnant using the IUD (and every other type of contraceptive), however, the IUD is one of the best forms of birth control with less than 1% failure rate (around 5 pregnancies for every 800 devices proper…

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Has anyone ever gotten pregnant with an IUD?
Q: I have had mine in for 7 months now, with no period, and yes I know the only way to know for sure is to take a test, but I was wondering if you have gotten pregnant, how did you know? And if so, what did you do? Did you have it taken out, or did you leave it in? I’ve heard it’s unsafe to do both.
A: Hello There~ Yes I did!!! I had the Mirena in for 8 mo. and Guess What?? I’m over 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th. I had the IUD removed when I was 3 weeks along.. The baby is luckily fine.. Signs I had:Sore BreastsHeartburnTirednessMorning SicknessGood Luck and I wish you the best!!!
Has anyone ever gotten pregnant with a Mirena iud?
Q: I’ve heard the horror stories about iud’s of past. I know that if the iud comes out or gets pushed out of place, I can get pregnant. But what if the iud is in perfect place. Is there a chance I could get pregnant? I’ve had one for almost 4 years and no longer get a monthly period. I only suffer PMS. So I have nothing to gague it on. Anyone?
A: OH YES! Those things can dislodge very easily. The only two people that I know who used IUD’s BOTH got pregnant! One of the woman was adjusted by her chiropracter…the adjustment dislodged the IUD and SURPRISE! I really wouldn’t depend on them.
Pregnant with an IUD, anyone else ever had this happen?
Q: I just found out today that I am pregnant….again. My first and only child has just turned 8 months old. My husband and I decided on the IUD for our contraception about 8 weeks after our son was born. I haven’t been feeling well and my period is a couple weeks late, I took a test today and it’s positive. I hear the there is a 20% chance of miscariage when you have the IUD taken out. Has anyone ever gotten pregnant with an IUD before, and if so, what were the procedures and how soon before you know whether or not you baby was going to be okay?My husband and I have talked about it and we have decided that we would like to have the baby if we can, so any advice anyone can give on how to up our chances of not miscarrying would be great. Oh, and before anyone goes the good care route, I have a wonderful team of mid-wives who took care of my first pregnancy and I have an appointment in the morning.
A: I would like to wish you the very best. I am glad your baby is wanted, even if unexpected.
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