What How do you know that you are pregnant

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There are many symptoms including a late period, but the way to tell for sure is to take a pregnancy test and consult your Doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-how-do-you-know-that-you-are-pregnant ]
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How do i know if i’m pregnant?
A very quick and simple way to know if you are pregnant is to buy a pregnancy test. Two of the top choices are First Response and EPT Pregnancy Test. EPT is 99% accurate to detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels.
Best Ways To Get Pregnant: Do YOU Know Them?
One of the issues worth pointing out while dealing with the best ways to get pregnant is that pregnancy has absolutely no correlation with the female orgasm. Pregnancy occurs through the fertilization of the egg by the sperm, which has no l…
What do I need to know before I get pregnant??
The symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which include painful stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea or constipation tend to improve during pregnancy. This is caused by the high level of the hormone progesterone, which is present in yo…

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do you think that your pets and small children can sense that your pregnant?
Q: i am almost 30 wks pregnant, and we have our own cat, and have been taking care of my sis-in-laws cat for a while until she can find an apartment. i am not a big pet lover,however i am a little fond of our cat because we have had her for so long, but the other, he’s kinda messy and so i don’t care much for him.. but for some reason lately, both of them have taken to me alot. they tend to stay right by my side. every time i get up to do something they both are right on my heels. they sit by me, try to follow me to the bathroom, it doesn’t matter what i am doing they are right by me when i am doing it. and at night our cat will wait til i sit down on the sofa and she will jump up right next to me, lay down and put her paw on or near my tummy and pur.. my husband says he thinks that they can sense the baby and that they are using animal instinct and trying to be protective of him.(the baby) do you guys believe that? do you believe that pets can sense that i am pregnant? also my son isn’t quite 2 yet, (2 in March) and i was under the impression that he had no idea what was going on with the new baby coming, but he also will climb up on the sofa or bed next to me,lift my shirt to expose my tummy and lay his head down and say bebe, (baby) it’s very sweet, and somewhat shocking because although we do mention from time to time that he is going to be a big brother, we didn’t think he really understood, and we have never told him that bebe was in mommy’s tummy.. how does he know that? is it a sense that he has? just curious… what do you guys think? experiences? thanks.
A: Oh yes absolutely pets and young children can sense these things. I have two cats and my older cat has been doing the same thing of cuddling with me and laying right next to me, following me around. Sometimes he even lays with his head right near my belly. I think he can hear the baby’s heartbeat. The cats can sense your change in hormones.
How do you keep yourself from getting pregnant right after giving birth?
Q: I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my first, but I got pregnant as soon as I went off the pill so I’m assuming both hubby and I are super fertile :)Here’s what I’m worried about: after giving birth, I plan on breast-feeding, which means I won’t be able to take hormonal birth control (I think). I know you can’t have sex for 6 weeks after delivery, but how do I make sure I don’t get pregnant thereafter? Are condoms the only way? Somehow, it doesn’t seem effective enough…We want a big age difference between our first and second child (that is, if we even decide to have a second child later on), at least 3 years, hopefully closer to 5. Just wondering what you would do.Thanks!
A: There are birth control pills you take while breast feeding. My doctor had me on them. If you dont feel safe using just a condom theres other things out there for you as well. Maybe ask your doctor about getting an IUD after you have the baby since you dont plan on having kids for another 3-5 yrs. Its a birth control that stays inside your for 5 years and the doctor puts it in and takes it out. If you dont like that idea, thers always female condoms and some kind of foam spermicide that you insert inside you before sex but make sure you are still using a condom! I hope this helps. Good Luck and Congrats!
What were you’re early pregnancy symptoms?
Q: So, I posted a few moths ago with the thought that I might be pregnant, sadly, my period showed up on time. We’re (fiance and I) not necessarily trying for a baby, but we’re not trying to prevent a pregnancy either :)Here’s the question: My period was due on the 21’st (give or take a a couple of days) and never came. In the last week to two weeks, I’ve been bloated and having period like cramps. Also, there are times when I just don’t feel that great. And today, while walking through the grocery store, the smell of all the fresh fruits etc just seemed intensified. Tonight I’ve done a bit of reading about the symptoms and what not, and everyone seemed to mention that they’ve seen/felt changes in their breasts. My period is about two weeks late, but I haven’t really noticed any changes, except for an occasional odd sensation (I’m not really sure how to describe it!)I’m going to pick up a test tomorrow, or Monday but in the meantime I wanted to know what some other ladies felt in the really early stages of pregnancy :)Thanks :)Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a few other “feelings” that I’ve been getting in the last week or so. I’ve had a slight case of constipation, and gas. The gas and cramps are often times present around the same time.Lastly, the bloating is rather annoying, and it’s causing my pants to fight uncomfortably. Sorry for the add-on info. Thanks again 🙂
A: In the early stage of my pregnancy, I was always tired! My breasts were a little tender and I was peeing constantly! Other than the physical symptoms, I kind of just had this ‘feeling’. I know that’s vague, but this is my 3rd pregnancy and so I just knew. What you are describing sounds like it could very well be early symptoms, but there have been times where I had every symptom in the book and still started my period. Good luck to you, I hope it all works out!
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