What if I am over a month late for my period

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You can miss your period from being stressed, or you may be pregnant. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-i-am-over-a-month-late-for-my-period ]
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What if I am over a month late for my period
You can miss your period from being stressed, or you may be pregnant. Thanks for using ChaCha!
I am over a month late for my period. Am I pregnant?
There’s a good chance you are, try another couple pregnancy tests or just go to your doctor. Like they say a false negative is way more likely than a false positive with those things.
My period is over a month late. Why is this?
Having irregular or missed periods can be caused by a number of things such as significant weight gain or loss (although low body weight is a common cause of missed or irregular periods, obesity also can cause menstrual problems), over-exer…

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Please ladies need your advice. My period lasted two weeks last month, and now i am 5 to 7 days late?
Q: If my period lasted two wks last month, would that make it late this month?Period about 5 to 7 days late. went to the Doctor im fine just gotta get an ultrasound next month for cysts Just to be on safe side. My period normally comes every 25 to 27 days. So would it be just late because of the long early period i had last month. We are ttc. Have afew pregnancy signs but well know by now it could be period signs. Im not asking ‘do you think i am pregnant’ Just wanna know would it make it late over the long period last month. This happen to anyone? Thanks appreciate your time 🙂 Additional DetailsMeant to add i am not that stressed at all. What actually happened was i got a 4 or 5 day period the 10th of May got another the 25th of May bleed a bit heavy for 5 days the rest light for two weeks. Went to the Doctor she thought i had an early miscar…. but took a blood test came bk with no Hcg in it so she thought it was just an irregular period and we have no std’s or i have no infection My periods are always between 25 to 27 days rarely 27 tho.So i maybe between 5 to 7 days late. We have been trying for about 10 months. I am hungry all the time feeling hot and and sick stomach at night and heartburn afte,r everything i eat sore boobs and lots of discharge (not yeast or no foul smell) But i know well that there could be other reasons for those symptoms. Could feel sick at night over the heat it is hot. but just wanted to know would the last two week long period make this late. Thanx again 🙂 and goodluck to all ttc xxAlso had period like pain last night not today.Took a hpt last night and i got a negitive still no period but ill do another in the morning if they still dont show. thanx for the answers 🙂
A: The fact that your last period was early does not mean the next will be late. stress could actually make ur periods irregular but since you are not stressed at all and u r already having some pregnancy symptoms guess you r pregnant. You may as well visit ur doctor again.lots of baby dust.
Istarted my period about a month ago,then i had sex now i am a little over 2 wks late&preg tst say im not preg?
Q: i’m 14 i started my period a little over a month ago&right after that i had sex for the 1st time. & now im 2 weeks late and i took around 4-5 prego test and the all say negative. idk what to do i think since im stressing over it so much thats why im not getting it?? idk i was gonna go to the doctor soon if i dont get it. but i also think that since i just started my period not to long ago it still hasnt had enough time to regulate. also i went to the bathroom the other day and i had brown stuff in my pantiess. not a lott, but enough? ya kno? im just really scared. ive been gaining weight. Im just trying to stay as calm as possibleeeeee—thannksshelppp??
A: well im 14 to and this samething happen to me honeslty gurl their aint nothing to worry aboutyour period time changes always 4 everyone women after ther first time of having sex it only changes bcus u had sex so its prolly gonna come now a different day bcus u had sex for the 1st time but dont worry yourself trust me ive been thu it=)
What do you think My chances of ttc this month are?
Q: Here’s my situation: I was on depo for about 4 years. I was off depo for over 12 months with no period, so my fertility dr. Put me on provera. Got a period and started clomid. First two months were at 50 mg, this month is 100mg. We are using preseed, bbt, opks, and bding regularly. I don’t really consider the first year of trying really trying since I never had a period. So technically we have been ttc for the past 3 months. This is the first month using preseed and bbt. I am expecting to ovulate early next week. The past two months we had sex when I thought I was ovulating but I actually ovulated later, so I believe that is why it didn’t result in pregnancy. I went for an ultrasound on day 15 and had one follicle at 16mm. My uterine lining was also thin so the dr. Prescribed me estrogen. I think this has been the most stressful month ever b/c the dr said that they don’t like to prescribe clomid after 4 months, so we should consider ivf. I just feel like we haven’t been trying long enough on the clomid since this is our first month of doing everything perfectly. Is there anyone out there waiting to ovulate? It might help if I had someone to share with. Also I have a very mild form of pcos with the only symptoms being cysts on my ovaries and weight gain. Do you think we will have a higher chance of conceiving this month if we do everything perfect? I would like to know of your experiences with pcos and clomid as well if you’re willing to share. Thanks for listening!! Nicole
A: no one can tell you this every woman has only a 25% chance of getting pregnant evey month
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