What if i wanna get pregnant

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You’re 18 & legally an adult. If you choose to get pregnant it is your decision, but not one to be taken lightly. It’s very hard. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-i-wanna-get-pregnant ]
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Am I ovulating?I wanna get pregnant?
・ 1. Any discharge that smells is a sign of possible infection. Go to your doctor for an evaluation. No … ・ 2. After stopping the pill, you may ovulate very soon after, but you may also end up having an anovulatory … ・ 3. When a man eja…
Can i get pregnant soon? i wanna get pregnant as soon as possible…?
It it recommended that you wait a few months to make sure all the tissue is expelled.Translation: abstinence. You don’t elaborate on why you need to get prego as soon as possible but most women feel like they need to prove they are able to …
What if i wanna get pregnant should i wait?
Have you ever babysat? If not, start with that. Its REALLY not as easy as you think. If everything goes perfectly its STILL a difficult thing to do. I know a lot of women think having children early in life is a good thing. I was 23 when I…

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What should i avoid doing if i wanna get pregnant?.?
Q: I am a homemaker and will remain so through my pregnancy.I dont do much work at home.But i do use my microwave and stuff.I am a coffee lover.But i drink the indian coffee with milk.So i dont think thats really bad when compared to black coffee.But i am not sure.Any tips will help
A: 1. Cut down on your caffeine. 2. Go for a pap smear to be sure that you dont have any cyst/fibroids/any other problem related to your cervix3. See when you ovulate and have sex 2 days prior to that + on the day of your ovulation + a day after that4. Check if you are anemic because if you are then you might find it hard to conceive5. Pop up on folic acid, iron and vit B126. Does your hubby smoke/drink? If he does, check his sperm count and the quality of sperm (my dad smokes and he had low sperm count and so it took 4 yrs for my mum to conceive)7. Eat healthy and dont starve8. Exercise. Walking and swimming are the safest pre and during pregnancy9. If you have any heart related problems like high BP or diabetes, the control it. 10. If you are overweight, try losing some weight. That’s all I can think of! Good luck!
i wanna get pregnant but my husband cant?
Q: i wanna get pregnant but how will i do it if my husband cant coz he had vasectomy in more than 20 yrs.. i dont like having sex with other men just to have a baby and i dont want to adopt kids either…what should i do?
A: you can have it reversed, plenty of men have and have gone on to have children 🙂
im on my period n i wanna get pregnant as soon as its done but i been taking birth control.?
Q: i want to get pregnant asap.i been on birth control for 4 monthsim currently on the my last week of pills. i stoped taking them yesterdayhow soon will get pregnant..?is it more likely to happen if i have sex as soon as i get of my period because thats what i want to do.
A: First off, be aware that even if everything is perfect, and you try your best, you will probably NOT get pregnant immediately. There are just too many factors that are out of your control.Most women will ovulate within a few weeks of stopping the pill. A small percentage will need a few months to begin ovulating again. (This is true whether you are on the pill for 4 month, 4 years, or 14 years.) Once you are ovulating, you have about a 20-30% chance of getting pregnant each cycle that you have sex at your fertile time. I would start monitoring your BBT and/or using ovulation predictor kits to determine when you ovulate. Then just start trying.
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