What if I’m cramping and brown spotting

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It is possible you could be pregnant if the cramps are slight and you are brown spotting. Get a pregnancy test or see a doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-i%27m-cramping-and-brown-spotting ]
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What if I’m cramping and brown spotting
It is possible you could be pregnant if the cramps are slight and you are brown spotting. Get a pregnancy test or see a doctor.
Is Cramping And Brown Spotting Part Of Early Pregnancy?
Yes this can be normal around the time of implantation. Brown blood is old, so unless you start passing fresh, bright red blood you should be ok. However you should get attention if the pain gets worse or you pass clots.
What’s happening to me? brown spotting, cramping?
Try to relax and take it easy. I had the same symptons from 5-7 weeks. I would have dark brown bleeding that was light that would come and go and sometimes be heavier than others. I figured miscarriage as well, but I never did. It was impla…

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Does slight cramping and brown spotting mean I’m pregnant?
Q: I recently missed my period, and I’m on birth control, so it always comes at the same time. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, but about a week and a half later, (now) I’m having slight cramping and brown spotting.What does that mean? I’m still taking my birth control, if I’m pregnant, is it my birth control messing with the baby? or well, the egg right now.
A: Best thing to do is go to the doctors and get a blood test done. It is 100%,Most women who are pregnant will have some cramping or back pains follow with some spotting. The brown mean “old blood” so yeah it is possible. Just because you are on the pill does not really mean anything because we all know that the pill is not 100%. You might want to get in as soon as possible, so that just in case you are to get off the pill. Best of luck!!!
I’m having cramps, just light brown spotting….?
Q: I am ttc. I am due for my period today but its just light brown spotting. Nothing like my normal periods. I have had cramps today but they sort of feel different. My boobs are sore and I’ve been napping alot lately. I’m gonna take a test in the morning, just wanted to know what you guys thought. Did you guys have these symptoms (only if you are pregnant or have been pregnant)?Thanks!
A: Well, it could either be your period and the brown spotting is a little left over blood from your last period or it is implantation bleeding. When the embryo burrows into the uterine lining, a woman can experience cramping and spotting. Implantation bleeding is either light pink or brown in color and is very irregular. It can last up to 3-5 days or could just be one spot on the toilet paper and nothing else. I have read that a positive pregnancy test can be achieved 2 days after implantation so maybe you should wait the two days to avoid a false negative. I wish you the best of luck and send some baby dust your way!
Brown spotting on the day I’m supposed to get my period?
Q: Last night I realized I was spotting and the color was mostly dark brown/almost black.It was very minimal though and I thought I would wake up with my period.Now, I still do not have my period and it’s still very minimal dark/brown spotting.I was researching before I posted this question and it says this is an early pregnancy sign.Is this an early pregnancy sign?I am sexual active with my boyfriend – no protection or birth control.I know it is a chance but we have been together for awhile now and I’ve never had this “pregnancy” scare.I’m not cramping which is scaring me because I usually get really severe cramps before my period.Please help me if you know what I’m talking about or have had this experience.Thank you in advance!
A: that’s exactly what happened to me. the very day I was supposed to get my period I had this dark brown discharge and i had some cramps.a week later i took a pregnancy test and it came up positive.
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