What if you missed a period

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If you miss a period is possible that you are pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-you-missed-a-period ]
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Nothing physically happens to you if you miss your period. This can be caused by stress, illness, medications, or weight changes. If you are sexually active then you should take a pregnancy test to ensure that you are not pregnant.
well if you are not a virgin you are pregnant.but if your a virgin and you miss its just stress
Depends on the reason why u missed it. could be many different things, #1 if your sexually active even using BC you could be pregnant, #2 you could be under severe amount of stress, #3 if you gain or lose to much weight it can effect your p…

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Is it common to have a late or missed period after you stop taking clomid?
Q: My last period started Aug 9th and I’m currently 10 days past from what should have been my the start of my next period. I haven’t taken a home pregnancy test yet because I’m wanting to find out if it is common to have a late or missed period after you stop taking clomid. The last round of clomid that I took was in July.Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
A: It is common for late periods, I’m not so sure if it will cause missed periods, but it is common getting pregnant after a couple of months of stopping the clomid, so you might just be pregnant go ahead and take the test or go make a Dr.appt to have a blood test done!Best of luck to you,hope you get your BFP,Lots and Lots of baby dust headed your way!
How many of you knew you were pregnant before your missed period?
Q: I really am interested. This is also before you take a test showing positive or having a missed period. What was the first symptoms, and how do you know if it wasnt in your head. The reason I ask is because i really feel this time that I am preggers but Im trying to talk myself out the symptoms, like nausea, forgetfullness, and fatigue. Other symptoms i cant stop are very sore breast, bloating, and mild cramping. I dont start for another week and i have taken a couple test that show negative but i still feel pregnant. Oh yeah, im 25 years old and very responsible, and having a baby will make me so happy, so no negativity please. Please give me your thoughts.
A: I knew a week after conception that I was pregnant. And I kept trying to convince myself it was just in my head. I waited until after when I was suppose to start my period to test but I told my husband as soon as I began to think I was pregnant. Sure enough I was right. I think it depends on the person as to how early they know.
How accurate are pregnancy tests that claim to get an accurate result 5 days before missed period?
Q: Today would be 5 days before my missed period and I was wondering if it would be worth it to take one today or wait until at least Wednesday or something. I am due to start saturday but have been known to start a day before. What do you think? When should I test if not today? I am 8DPO today wednesday would be 10DPO and saturday would be 13DPO. I have a 26 day cycle.
A: I think you should wait it out. Some test tend to not be that accurate. If you wanna know wait till you miss your period thats the best possible answer you can get. When you rush to know if your pregnant the answer comes out wrong or you just dont experience it right, 😉
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