What is a funny Lebron James joke

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LeBron James’ girlfriend is pregnant with the couple’s third child, giving James the NBA record for most kids with the same woman. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-funny-lebron-james-joke ]
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Can I please get a funny joke about lebron james and kobe Bryant?
Q: Why did Kobe Bryant buy a dictionary? A: To figure out what part of “no” he doesn’t understand.
Who thought the Lebron James video was a flippin JOKE??
He did get dunked on, it wasnt sick. But it was a facial for sure. Especially whena guy who is 6’3 does it pretty impressive for a sophmore in college to dunk on one of the best players in the NBA. Nice try trying to play it down but Lebron…
How many jokes have their been about lebron james getting dunked …?
ha. to many to count. I totally agree w/ you though. I think it was a bad judgment call on lebron’s/nike’s part on confiscating it. We all know he is human and can get dunked on. No sense in confiscating a pickup basketball tape. That’s why…
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