What is a good age to have a child

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There is no perfect age, but there are emotional, physical and financial things to consider BEFORE you get pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-age-to-have-a-child ]
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What is a good age to have a child?
30 years old would be a good age to have a child because your not too old yet and you are probably more emotionally stable. It depends with different people. Definitely not your early to mid twenties that is a time you should be out having …
How much does it cost to raise a child to age 18?
There have been many government studies recently. One recent one says middle-income families with a child born last year will spend about $221,000 raising the child through age 17. Adjust for inflation and that number climbs to nearly $300…
Can I wait until school age to get children vaccinated??
My child is healthy. I’ll just wait until school age to get them vaccinated. No. This is highly discouraged. Many of the immunizations children need today, are intended for very young children in their first months of life, because that is …

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What do you think is a good age to have children?
A: Depends what you want to do with your life – build a career first or settle to family life first.My Mum was almost 40 when I was born, so she was an old age Pensioner before I left home. She died before my first baby was into her teens.I got married at 21 and had my first baby at 22. That was right for me – and she said that she loved having a younger Mum while the grandchildren enjoy having a younger Granny who can still play on the slide in the playground and race them down the length of a swimming pool.I did my real career bit, going back to College for a radical change of direction, when my children left primary school so were a little rather more independent
What is good age for child to begin weight training.?
Q: I have a 11, soon to be 12 year old boy. He is tall, about 5ft, but is thin. He is involved in track and soccer. When is a good time to begin some light strength training. Mainly to build his leg muscles for running, but some in his arms because he likes the discus event. His coach really hasn’t been much help with this so far. Thanks
A: When I was the same age I had a personal fitness trainer for the summer who allowed me to do some light weight training on machines and with some barbells. It didn’t effect my growth at all, I’m average height and taller than all the women in my family. Even with light weights he should be careful with some of the flexing you do with barbells. I would always hyperextend my elbow flexers doing bicep curls. I still do, in fact. As a rule, a child should always be supervised when working with weights, and they should be taught first how to properly use them.If he has weak joints, like knees or ankles, a little weight training will do him some good and maybe help to avoid sprained ankles or knee surgery in the future.
What is a good age for a child to get braces?
Q: My son will be 8 in September and he has a gap in his two front teeth. I definitely want him to get braces, what is a good age??
A: It depends on how many of his baby teeth he has lost. Usually they want almost all his permanent teeth to be in before braces.From my experience, usually around 12 or 13 is a good age. There is a reason those middle school years are so awkward.
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