What is a midwive

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A midwive is defined as a person trained to assist a woman during childbirth. Many midwives also provide care for pregnant women. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-midwive ]
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How to Study Midwifery
・ 1 Decide on your midwife career route. You can choose to become a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) or a… ・ 2 Complete a midwifery education program. Being a licensed registered nurse is a prerequisite to enter… ・ 3 Obtain an apprenticesh…
How much does a midwive get paid an hour?
More than you could count on the fingers of one hand – overpaid, underworked.
What education or training are required to become a midwive??
A midwife is a registered nurse with that specialty. There are three options to become a registered nurse as follows. ・ diploma program (typically three years, not recommended for individuals who do not have an already existing … ・ associ…

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What are some questions to ask an obstetrician/midwive, to find out if they’re any good?
A: Ask them how much time they try to spend with laboring patients or if they just show up for the actual delivery. A good midwife will tell you that she will stay with you as long as you want her there (if there are no other patients she has to also care for in a hospital setting). Ask their philosophy on birthplans, inductions, freedom of choice during labor for things like intermittent monitoring, IVs, etc. You’ll also be able to tell by the way they talk to you, not just in the answers themselves. Watch their body language. Are they looking directly at you when you are speaking to them? Are they making an effort to get to know you and your family or are they sticking to business and only talking about the pregnancy? Most importantly, do you feel comfortable with them? Sometimes docs or midwives can give all the answers you want to hear, but you still might feel uncomfortable around them.
what is the benefit of using a midwive?
A: In a nutshell, a doctor views pregnancy as a medical condition, kind of like an illness, and generally views medical interventions as the way to proceed through pregnancy, labor and birth.A midwife, on the other hand, views pregnancy as a natural occurrence that our bodies are made to do. They will still provide the same tests/screenings/etc. during pregnancy, to ensure nothing is wrong with you or the baby, but are generally more supportive of you and your body’s capabilities for bringing your babe into the world. They encourage you to move around & do whatever you need to in order to manage labor – as opposed to a doctor who would likely encourage you to lie in a hospital bed so that he or she can better “control” the birth. Midwives also make a point of staying with you throughout labor, whereas doctors usually work on a shift, so you could end up seeing different doctors during the labor/birth.I have a midwife and cannot imagine having a doctor who would likely treat me as a patient first. My midwife treats me as a person first.
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Q: I was wondering what a doctor feels for when he pushes on your belly if he thinks you could be pregnant? What are they looking for and where exactly is it (for example) around the belly button or lower. How can i spot this easily myself?
A: They are trying to feel for your uterus. When you are pregnant your uterus expands even if your several weeks pregnant, doctors can feel the difference, thats one indication to them that you could be pregnant.If its not an OBGYN but your normal doctor, they often do this to check your large intestines, they push down on the sides of your stomach to see if your using the toliet and your not constipated. And if your not feeling any sharp pain as they push, its a basic routine.
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