What is a woman that has never been pregnant

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Medically, a woman who has never been pregnant is referred to as a “nulligravida.” ChaCha soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-woman-that-has-never-been-pregnant ]
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Can a woman who’s never been pregnant breastfeed other babies??
Yes. It takes time and a lot of effort, but it can be done. The La Leche League has information to help adoptive mothers breastfeed their adopted infants. An ob-gyn who has a lactation consultant in their office would be an excellent resour…
Do women produce milk even if they’ve never been pregnant??
Although it is not widely known in developed countries, women who have never been pregnant are sometimes able to stimulate lactation sufficient to breastfeed. This is called “induced lactation”, while a woman who has lactated befo…
Are intrauterine contraceptive devices appropriate for adolescent…?
There are only a few studies on the use of IUDs in adolescents. IUDs are a safe and effective long-term contraceptive method. IUDs are underutilized in the United States, especially by adolescents. Because adolescents contribute disproporti…

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He slept with another woman whilst i was pregnant, I’ve never been to his home&our child has’nt met his family
Q: I had been seeing this guy for about 6 months & I had really fallen for him, when i became pregnant. Pretty much straight away he told me that the last thing he wanted was a child as he, like myself, had two children from previous relationships. I was positive I was going to keep this child with or without his participation despite the fact it wasn’t planned. I had not asked him much about his previos relationship as I felt he would tell me in his own time. We went a few months without contact during the pregnancy and he also moved home. When he did come around to the idea that he was to be a father again we resumed a relationship/(sexual). After having our son he has never invited us to his home or even giving us his address,our child is now 7months and he has never met his family. He also admitted sleeping with another woman whilst i was pregnant but felt justified because we were not talking at the time. He sees his son when he wants sex, am i his meat on the side? what is he hiding
A: Honey, he is hiding something. And that something is you! Now, you have a child to raise. If he really loved his child, he would be a father to him, whether you were having sex or not. And I hate to say this, but your best bet would be to “not.” He’s not a very good person, and I am feeling that from what you have written. He is not treating you well, and you can do better. You need a DNA test, hit his paycheck, and make him support your son. Get your emotions together as far as he is concerned. You dont want to bad mouth him, but you dont need this person in your life. He has had no respect for you! He has “dissed” you bigtime. He is a JERK!!! You dont need to have him around to keep destroying your self esteem. You dont need a man to be a whole person. You are ok without someone who will hurt you continuously. You have to be kind to yourself. You have to learn to love yourself. You can not blame this man for being the way that he is. You have to blame yourself for allowing him to do this to you. Learn from your mistakes, because our mistakes make us stronger. MOVE ON!!! YOU DONT NEED HIM. YOU HAVE TO CONCENTRATE ON YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN!!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU
how is it possible that some chubby woman truly never knew they were pregnant till labor?
Q: is it ever possible to fail a preggo test, even if you are 9 months along? why or why not? why is it possible for some woman miss diagnos? how can you not feel the baby kick? or have a really round tight tummy? what are some non obvious ways to notice you are preggo?im oblivious
A: I cannot understand whatsoever how a woman can just not know she was pregnant. And then end up giving birth on the toilet… It is absolutely beyond me!!
What to do, a women in my building who was never pregnant, now has a baby. What to do?
Q: There is no man in the house, and I dought very much that she adopted. I also dought it is a relatives as she is Russian.
A: be totally nosey and go in like the Spanish Inquisition demanding answers – NOW!
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