What is best way to get along with my pregnant sister

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Remember that she is still your sister and family has to stick together because time is short on earth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-best-way-to-get-along-with-my-pregnant-sister ]
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What is best way to get along with my pregnant sister
Remember that she is still your sister and family has to stick together because time is short on earth.

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My best friend is 16 and pregnant with a guy she doesnt get along with, his family is controlling,?
Q: my best friend is going with my boyfriend of3yearscousin.They have been together for a year, they moved to fast,(got pregnant, and a promise ring)they broke up 2 in the year they have been together, he makes promises to be better. She recently went back with him and told me they were moving away so she doesnt have to deal with his family(duh that should tell you something.. trust me I know)I dont know if i can deal with all this drama, because, it is my boyfriends family as well, the situation causes conflicts between me and the family, because i am sticking up for my best friend and am behind her and her decisions all the way. but she has done this twice and i cant deal with her ” in law sisters”(yuck)wanting to jump me all the time. So i dont know if i should cut off our friendship or not, i feel like a bad friend but she is hard to talk about these things to. It is also hard to cut off the relationship, because we are in the same tiny school and in the same classes.What should I do?
A: Now is a perfect time for intervention for your friend. If you think anything of her, it is important to get her to professional people that can help her make some decisions that will help her in life. While I harbor my own doubts about the advice I am giving I recommend that you start with a mature adult that is educated and is well liked by most. If that person is not available or no one fits that description, look for a counselor, maybe from a halfway house nearby or in a close town that would provide some anonymity for her. At your age and level of maturity it is impossible for you to see down the road far enough to realize some of the problems that are going to present themselves. There are a lot of people that will give you advice, beware it is all not good nor is it from experience. The worst thing you can do is listen to someone give and you follow advice from heresay conversation. It is not only inaccurate it can be dangerous. Help your friend through this time in her life and she will thank you later. Love is what she needs and some of it might be tough. It is a real friend checker I am sure. Good luck to you both and God bless.
Best way to get my first grader ready for her new sister?
Q: I have a very intelligent, yet sensitive 6 year old. Her father and I divorced when she was two and he wasn’t really involved in her life until she was about four years old. They started having over night visits then. She hated going with him because she has always been a Mama’s Girl. She hated being away from me and would cry hysterically to the point that I had to stop telling her she was going to his house until he picked her up. It had always just been the two of us. Even with his new involvement, I am still the more responsible of the two of us when it comes to parenting. He is a father when it is convenient for him, and I believe she is smart enough to know it. I pay for all of her schooling, daycare, activities. I bring her to school and to all her birthday parties, sporting events, and school programs. He is remarried and his wife is not a doting step-mom and would prefer if it was just the two of them.Around the time she started visiting her father more, I started dating my fiance. We moved in together last year and got engaged. We found out we were pregnant in March and are expecting our daughter any day now. My fiance and daughter get along great. She often prefers to call him “Daddy.” She has expressed lack of interest in going to her father’s and wishes that my fiance was her “real dad.” We have tried to tell her that she is loved by her father and stepmother and that they enjoy spending time with her. We have tried to include our 6 year old from the beginning in my pregnancy. She has come to ultrasounds and doctor’s appointments. We rented a fetal heart monitor and I let her find the baby’s heartbeat. She attended a sibling class. We have had many talks with her about how she is very important and that we are going to spend as much time doing stuff with her as we were before. We have told her that the baby is going to require a lot of attention, but it will be different attention (feeding, burping, changing diapers) than the fun times we have with her (movies, amusement parks, board games, etc) but we will still have these times. We got her books on being a big sister.But she is still making comments about how the baby is more important than her “The baby is the most important person in the family.” She is also spoken about being “replaced.” She is asking about why she has to go to her father’s if the baby doesn’t have to. She has asked if the baby can come to her father’s house. I’m not sure what to do. I guess I have to wait until the baby comes and show her that everything is going to be okay. Any Moms or Dads with large age gaps go through this? Any advice?
A: She is seeking your reassurance that she is still important. She is also trying to understand why the new baby will not have to go to her dad’s house like she does, especially since it is her sister. It seems like you have definitely been including her in the process which is great. What I liked to do after the baby was born (and to some extend before) was to say that mommy’s lap is also big enough for more than 1 child. While I would breastfeed the baby, I would have the older one on my lap with a book or just watching a movie or show with me. What will also help is that, once the baby arrives, is to make sure that you ask visitors to make sure to say hello and congratulations to the big sister first. Most people go to the new baby and the older sibling feels pushed on the side. If your visitors will greet her first, it should also help.Good luck and congratulations!
My kids father knocked up my best friend and now i got to tell her im pregnant?
Q: Yes its a soap opera and i dont need any smartass remarks so please just give me advice on what to say to her.Ok ive got an 3yr old and a 9 month old. When i was preggo with my 9mth old i left their father because he was sleeping with my best friend. Well after i left she moved in and shortly after got pregnant. Well she decided she was gonna move to florida back in dec and i came to stay with daddy for a week to help him with his other son who wasnt in daycare. While there one thing led to another and i ended up sleeping with him. Well she decided she didnt like it there and she moved back. Now here i am 6 weeks pregnant.Her and i have tried to put our differences aside and get along. As a matter of fact i have to pick her up from work today and her and i are gonna go see our sister-in-laws new baby. Anyways daddy just told me that she knows something is up. She keeps asking questions and she knows its about me and that its bad. He just told me she is gonna talk to me tonight.So how do i go about this? How do i tell her what do i say? How can i tell her this and try to keep things half way ok between us?Oh and the dr thinks i may be having twins to boot!
A: it is admirable that you are trying to keep things respectful with each other. The best way is to let her talk first. If she asks you straight out, tell the truth. She was gone, what you thought was for good, and being human, one thing led to another. If she is just fishing, tell her what happened while she was gone and that it was not planned. See if you and she can work together for the sake of all children involved. The gentleman cannot be shared, so one of you will have to step back, if either of you still want him after finding out what he is really like..rather indescriminate.
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