What is false pregnancy

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Pseudocyesis: condition in which non-pregnant woman believes she is pregnant even though there is no evidence of pregnancy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-false-pregnancy ]
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False pregnancy is when a woman believes she is pregnant even though she is not. This is a rare condition and is usually accompanied by the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. This condition has a strong psychological influence and is most lik…
“False pregnancy (or pseudocyesis as it is medically known) is a rare condition that is nonetheless a serious emotional and psychological condition in women… Pseudocyesis is a condition in which a non-pregnant woman believes that she…
n. A condition that is usually psychosomatic but may be caused by a tumor or endocrine dysfunction, in which physical symptoms of pregnancy are manifested without conception. It may occur in both males and females but is much more common in…

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what is the difference between cat pregnancy and false pregnancy?
Q: I am not sure if my cat is pregnant or not. She has most of the signs of cat pregnancy, but I am not sure if it is false pregnancy or not. What is the differences between the two?
A: It’s very difficult to tell, they are pretty much the same. Get your cat spayed and you won’t have to worry about it.
Has anyone had a rabbit that has gone through a false pregnancy?
Q: I believe our rabbit is experiencing either a false pregnancy or a real one. I am not sure which. Low chance of the real as housed alone, but did have a night in the yard so may have met a wild one. What do I do now? How long do I wait? She has built a nest, which started about 4-5days ago. I will have to get her spayed but how do I deal with her if it is a fake pregnancy?
A: First off… yes rabbits can have a false pregnancy…..it is caused by a surge of the rabbit equivalent of estrogen, in fact it was the rabbits abilty to have a false pregnancy that led to the discovery of the human birth controll pill ( which fools a human body into thinking it is pregnant). Some rabbits have hormone swings that cuase them to do this and in the rabbit breeding world we look for these females because they make excellent mothers… the cause in a lone female is usually exposure to a human female on her period, another animal in heat, or being around someone or another animal that has given birth recently, or sometimes it happens spontaneously!……. if she is having a false pregnancy it will pass, the 35 day gestation period will pass and if no babies are produced her hormone surge will end and she will go back to normal. If she is trully pregnant a rabbits gestation is 31-35 days NOT 90days as you’ve been told thats where the old saying “breeding like rabbits” came from, a doe (female rabbit) can give birth and go into heat almost imediatly after birth, with this turn over rate wild rabbit can have up to twelve litters of kits (baby rabbits) a year. I would watch her very carefully for the next week…… if she doesnt have kits in that time, then you are ok, rabbits will start pulling hair from thier dewlap ( a small patch of loose skin on the front of the neck and chest) 4-6 days before giving birth… just in case get a box about twice her size, cut a hole in that box about three to four inches up the short side of the box (a rectangular box is best) make it big enough for her to get into and out of easily, fill the box with soft hay, timothy hay is best, but if you have alfalfa pullout all the large sticks so they dont poke the kits eyes when they open ( which happens at around 10-12 days old) and fill also with any pulled fur, and nesting materials she has already tried to make a nest with….. place this box in her cage in a corner away from the corner that your rabbit normally uses as her toilet corner ( rabbits like to pick one corner to eliminate in)….. or if she uses a litter box put it away from the litter box….she will use this box if she does give birth thier instinct is to use a dark quiet secluded place to give birth…. if she does give birth you can touch the kits… in fact you must to make sure they are ok and that there are none that died during birth ( this happens quite often in first births)…. pet your bunny and tell her its ok then inspect each one for wounds or deformities…. the more you handle the kits the better they will be as pets later…if you see her giving birth and eating the placentas (after birth0 this is completly normal and a neccesary part of the birthing process ( it replaces lost iron, builds blood that was lost, and gives the doe a dose of oxytocin which helps her uterus shrink back to normal since and starts milk production to feed her kits) I hope this has helped and if you need further information feel free to email me [email protected]
Has anyone actually used any ot the hormone imbalance remedies for the false pregnancy syndrome?
Q: This is the second time that we, my spouse and I, are dealing with a false pregnancy with our silky terrier. However, this is the first time she has been constantly whimpering, nesting, and guarding one of her toys in particular. She is indeed lactating, and thus we are concerned that she could be in pain from the swollen teats. I hope someone can answer the question of what we should do and/or answer how long this nesting phase etc will last?
A: Wow you are a brave individual to post this because your going to be hit with a lot ranting responses about what a fool you are not to have your pet spayed. Having worked in the veterinary field for 20 years I look back and have to wonder why people feel they need to demean people to get their point across. I think that once most educated people are presented with the facts they will may the right decision. Unless you are seriously considering breeding this dog you should have her spayed. Because this is her 2 incident she falls into a higher risk category cancer and uterine infections. If you are considering breeding get informed, find the local silky terrier club where you live and get involved, talk to your veterinarian and ask him worse case scenario what would this cost me if something goes wrong 8 years ago when I was in emergency medicine average C-section $1200. A lot of people toy with the idea of how much fun it would be to have a litter of pups. It can be amazing, tragic and heartbreaking be sure you know what your getting into.
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