What is Preeclempsia

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Preeclampsia is a condition that pregnant women can get You have high blood pressure with high level of protein in the urine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-preeclempsia ]
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Preeclampsia is an abnormal pregnancy condition characterized by high blood pressure. This condition also can include protein in the urine and swelling. Lack of treatment can lead to organ failure and death. The only cure for this condition…
Preeclampsia is high blood pressure and protein in the urine that develops after the 20th week of pregnancy. The mom on 19 Kids and Counting developed preeclampsia while giving birth to her 19th child. ChaCha for now!
Preeclampsia is a condition that typically starts after the 20th week of pregnancy and is related to increased blood pressure and protein in the mother’s urine (as a result of kidney problems). Preeclampsia affects the placenta, and it can …

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Did you ever cheat death due to preeclempsia during delivery?
Q: Can you describe how bad it was?Did you went into cardiac arrest?Are you lossing a large amount of blood?Are you comatose during that moment?For how long?How painful was it?How scary was it?What did the doctor advice you?
A: I was 29+5 when i had my son du 2 me havin preeclampsia.I was admitted 2 hospital on 5th may (04) and had my son on 8th of may.The doctors said i was luck 2 have him then otherwise i would have died if they left it any longer.I Put on 4st in a week due 2 fluid.About a week after having my son i was in a real bad state.I had jandice and HELP! sendrom and a kidney infection.(HELP! sendrom is where u have liver problems)The swelling didnt take long 2 go down but my blood presure did not.It was not that painful i just go a lot of blury vision and pins and needles.I am now around 15 weeks with my second baby.The midwife as decided 2 put me under hospital care because of all the problems i had with my first.
preeclempsia, what are normal birth weights and measurements at del.?
A: Women with preeclempsia tend to deliver early or even premature. Sometimes with this situation it’s not so much about the weight of the newborn as it is the level of ability to live outside of the uterus. This is usually determined by the maturity of the lungs. Though it is true that the more mature the newborn is, the more it usually weighs and measures. But its more about the lungs. Preeclempsia has more to do with the mother’s situation, which of course directly affects the infant. Is this what you meant?
Pregnancy health question!?
Q: Last night i had an awful headache so i took a tylenol and waiting for it to subside while it started to go away i started getting upper abdominal pain that lasted about 30 minutes and went away as well only to have the returning headache. I figured i could sleep off the headache so i just went to bed and delt with it only this morning i still have the headache and cant get it to go away. I started reading the baby books and saw the thing about preeclempsia (spelling is prolly really off) but my fiancee took the book from me and said if i read it ill think i have it. Ive been going to doctor regularly and have this months appointment next week i havnt had any problems she said everything looks great including the baby im just gettings kinda nervous since im in the last month of the 2nd trimester. What are yalls take on it.
A: Sounds like you just have a migraine. The doctor should definitely know if you’re at risk for preeclampsia, your blood pressure is usually pretty high with preeclampsia. You should be okay, your headache may take awhile to go away, get some rest if you can.
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