What is strep b that is tested for when pregnant

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The group B streptococcus (GBS) bacteria is usually harmless in healthy adults, but it can cause a serious infection in newborns. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-strep-b-that-is-tested-for-when-pregnant ]
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What happens if my pregnancy screening test is positive for group…?
To prevent group B strep bacteria from being passed to the newborn, pregnant women who carry group B strep should be given antibiotics through the vein (IV) at the time of labor or when their water breaks.
Why pregnant women should be tested for group B streptococcus?
When you find out your pregnant your overwhelmed by the mixture of emotions, be them happy or sad. When i found out i was having a baby i was over the moon as had been trying for a while had 5 miscarriages and although nervous couldn’t wait…
Is it mandatory to be tested for group b strep while pregnant??
No, but in fact it does cause some women and their babies serious problems. And in many countries unfortunately testing isn’t even available. Find more information at: webmd. com www.gbsa.org www.gbss.org.uk

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Strep B test, and when do they start checking for dilation and effacement?
Q: I have a doctors appointment in 5 days and I’ll be 36 and a half weeks pregnant. They’re going to do my strep b test, what should I expect from that? What is it like? And also, will they check me for dilation and effacement? I’ve been losing pieces of my mucus plug and the baby dropped a week ago.I want her here now!!!Thanks for your answers. =)
A: they just take a cotton swab and swab you. they dont even have to use the duck-thing for the papsmear you get. its really easy. a week and a half later, they will see you back at the doctor, and tell you if you are positive and negitive. and most doctors start checking at 37-38 weeks. it just depends on how YOU feel about it. if youve had contractions latley, be sure to tell them, and they will check you for dilation right there. all you have to do is ask.and i know how you feel. i havnt been able to stand barley and im 37 weeks!!! so frustrating!!!
36 weeks pregnant and tested postive for group b strep is that dangerous?
Q: I kinda know what it is but not really please inform me on this doctor said its a bacteria and I have to go on an IV when I go into labor she didn’t tell me anything else.
A: It is very common bacteria in the vagina and rectum of some mothers and not harmful to you but the baby could have problems from a natural delivery if they get it into their lungs. The Dr. will give you IV anitibiotics during labor and these will protect the baby. Relax, follow this small precaution and baby will be fine 🙂
29 weeks pregnant and Group strep-B Positive…?
Q: Hey everyone! I’m 29 weeks pregnant and today at my monthly checkup they told me that I tested positive for Group b strep. My doctor told me that it was nothing to worry about and that when I go into labour they will give me antibiotics through an IV so it doesn’t pass to the baby. Im kinda freaking out though…I was reading online about what it can do to a baby if he gets it and its really scary!!! Also, a lot of woman are put on antibiotics while pregnant when they test positive, I’m kind of worried cuz he didn’t give me any…Anyone else go through this?? Did your doctor give you anything for it while you were still pregnant? I know he’s my doctor and I should trust what he says but shouldnt he of given me antibiotics? I should of asked him that when I was there but I had so many things running through my head…Thanks for any info or advice!! =)
A: Many women are GBS positive & receive antibiotics (usually Ampicillin unless you are allergic to penicillin, in that case you would be given an alternative such as Vancomycin) The antibiotics are only necessary during labor, & are given to most patients when the amniotic sac is broken (in which case, there becomes an entry for the GBS) or when they are 4 cm dilated. So, if your water breaks (whether it’s a gush or a trickle) go to the hospital immediately & they can begin treating you. They will most likely screen your baby after delivery, & if the baby shows signs of infection, he/she will be treated also with antibiotics. I’m a labor & delivery nurse, & GBS is very common, which is why it is a part of routine prenatal care. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
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