What is surrogate pregnancy

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A method of assisted reproduction where a woman agrees to become pregnant for the purpose of gestating & giving birth to a child. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-surrogate-pregnancy ]
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What is surrogate pregnancy
A method of assisted reproduction where a woman agrees to become pregnant for the purpose of gestating & giving birth to a child.
How Does Surrogate Pregnancy Work?
・ A surrogate pregnancy is an agreement between a person or couple who wish to raise a child and a woman… ・ There are two main types of surrogacy: traditional surrogate pregnancies and gestational surrogate pregnancy… ・ One of the most …
Does Insurance Cover Pregnancy of a Surrogate?
Summary: Insurance coverage for pregnancy of a surrogate mother will depend on the insurance provider and the plan stipulations. Look deep into insurance plan coverage to find information on surrogacy with information from an insurance repr…

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How to explain to curious strangers when it is a surrogate pregnancy?
Q: A possible surrogate that I am interested in is curious as to what she can say to the Walmart checker if/when she is pregnant with someone elses baby. She is a mother as well and it might be an awkward situation with the kids there. When the cashier asks..”oo number 3..are you excited?” What is a good reply?
A: You have to decide who to tell and not. If she doesn’t have an hour to explain to people what surrogacy is she should just smile or say yes and move on. Complete strangers in elevators, cashiers, etc don’t need to know the situation. The big thing is if they are old enough she needs help her children understand the situation before she’s even pregnant. My daughter was 3 my 1st time as a surrogate and she knew more about surrogacy then most adults. Not to mention if she does mention it and it will happen there will be the people who go straight to the “you’re giving your baby away” or other comments of the like that just show they don’t know what surrogacy entails. That’s when it can get sticky when her children are around. In the Dr’s office or people I assoiciated with or met through others I would happily explain it all. The mother I carried for went to every appt and we were very close so when people asked I would tell them to ask their mom…talk about getting a double take..LOL There are also ways around questions, people ask me how many kids I’ve had I’ll say 4, ask me how many kids I have I say 2, they’d ask the sex or their names I’d tell them but never ever refer to them as mine. I’m sure most people didn’t even catch it but you learn and learn quickly who and when to mention the “S” word : ) Best of luck!!
Should gay couples be allowed to use surrogate pregnancy?
Q: http://in.news.yahoo.com/32/20081118/1056/tnl-surrogacy-succour-for-gay-couples.htmlI’m in favour of Gays adopting orphans and homeless children so they live constructive lives too contributing to society, but should they use surrogate pregnancy to have their “own” babies? What is the point of them being gay then, if they want to procreate?
A: Gays SHOULD be allowed to do anything straight people can. the majority should not be allowed to usurp the rights of the minority. that is built into the constitution PROP 8 has ignored it but a constitutional appeal should fix it once and for all.
What’s so wrong with surrogate pregnancy?
Q: Long story short, my newlywed wife can’t have children.She wants to adopt, but I don’t want to because I can’t see myself bonding to a child that isn’t mine…and I want to carry on the family name biologically.I want to do a surrogate pregnancy, but my wife is violently opposed to it, saying she doesn’t want my “stuff” in another woman. I said “It’s not like I’m gonna have sex with her” but she says “You might as well–it’s about the same thing!” and also says she doesn’t want to look at the “love child” of myself and a total stranger.I thought cheating requires the actual bodily presence of the other woman! What is her problem?!?
A: Perhaps your wife can’t stand the idea that another woman is going to do the “job” for YOU.In the “conception/pregnancy business” women usually get all the attention and congrats… In my opinion, the men ‘s role is always, in a way, a bit minimised… If you go for artificial insemination with another woman, you and this other will have the big roles…. Your wife will be totally left out.I’m not sure it’s jealousy. She loves you and she wanted to do something men cannot do : bear your child for you.9 months… that’s all the time that other woman will give to the foetus.Years and years of caring, loving, worrying… that what your wife will give to the child… The rest of her life.Good luck.
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