What is the average age to be pregnant

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In the United States in 2006 the average age of a first time mother was 25. tat is down from 25.2 two years before. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-age-to-be-pregnant ]
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What Is The Average Age To Get Pregnant?
About 21 to 34 yrs of age
What is the average age that a female becomes pregnant throughout…?
Guessing, but I’d say 15-18 years. Most women were married at that point and had at least 1 child. 30 years old was old age and getting closer to death (sicknesses, poor diet, too many pregnancies too close together).The mid 20’s and later …
Is it true the average age to get pregnant in Britain is 19??
My first guess was wrong. Not only is the average age at which women first get pregnant in Britain much higher than I thought – it is actually rising. Here are observations from the official statistics, based on the 2004 figures: The averag…

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What is the average age to get pregnant?
Q: I’m wondering what the average age is??In the 50s everyone got pregnant and married at 18 but now it seems like a lot of people wait until they’re 40 to have their first kid.My best friend is 20 and just had a baby that seems really young to me since she just graduated from high school a couple of years ago and still lives with her parents . What is the average??
A: Well i am a 20yr old going on 21 and i am the proud mother of a beautiful 9 month old girl. I am married and have been out of home for almost 3yrs living with my partner.I think that its not your age but rather your mental age..eg. how mature you are. I may be only 20 but i have never wanted to party or drink and do all those stupid things which most people seem to do until they are mid 20’s or even in there 30’s as some people i know. My older sister is 24 but i wouldnt wish a baby on her as she has the maturity of a young child.I think the average ‘acceptable’ age to get pregnant is late 20’s to mid 30’s or else you are labelled as ‘too young’ without anyone knowing your maturity or situation.Im sorry about the long reply but i am getting sick of bad comments about young mums. My husband and i have just bought our first home, he has a job as a manager and is doing part time uni and i am also doing uni while raising my baby without the help of my parents, friends or childcare. She is a healthy much loved baby who has everything she could need. Without being spoiled.I hope this can help clarify things.xx
What’s the average age a women get’s pregnant?
Q: I’m just throwing a random number out but I’m saying 22 is the average age a girl gets pregnant. I went to two diffrent high school and one of them was filled with girls pregnant, and than the other one had only two out of five hundred girls that were pregnant. So I’m estimating to 22. What would you say the average age is of a women being pregnant?
A: Around the early to mid-twenties .
What is the average age for a woman to get pregnant?
A: The average age for a woman experiencing her first pregnancy in the US is just over 25 years old. It’s climbing higher all the time, so it’s probably more accurate to say 25-29 years.
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