What is the best age to get pregnant at

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There is no right or wrong age to get pregnant. The best time to get pregnant is when you are ready for the responsibility. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-age-to-get-pregnant-at ]
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Well doctor’s say that around age 35-40 is when pregnancy becomes a high risk so you want to try to get pregnant before you reach this age.
It is a personal decision and must depend on how secure you are in life emotionally and financially. And ideal age is any time between 25 and 40.
The best time for a woman to get pregnant is the time that is best for her. Most likely you have received a lot of advice over the years about the best time to get pregnant. Some people have told you that the best time to get pregnant is wh…

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What age do you think is the best age to get pregnant?
Q: Before you all scream at me, I’m not planning on it, I’m just curious to see people’s responses . . . Me and my friend had an “arguement” about it. She said seventeen, which I think is waaaaay too young, and I said twenty-seven, which she says is ancient. We are both sixteen (although personally I think she has the mental age of a seven year old).What do you think? :)~Evie
A: The best age is when you are ready.The corellary to this is that you won’t be ready until you’ve fully grown up, gotten out of your parents’ house, done whatever schooling or training you want to do (college, vocational school), gotten your own resources (like car, job, house, insurance), and are in a stable relationship where you have been living together for at least one year. Basically, get all of the major life changes out of the way before having a baby so that you’re prepared.Different people take longer or shorter times to do these things. I know someone who is buying a house at 21, I know another person who has just now managed to make it through college in her late 40’s.
At what age is it best for a female gerbil to get pregnant?
Q: I am going to get two 14 week gerbils from the pet store. Is it ok for them to breed? If not at what age is it best?
A: Yes, Gerbils are good breeders and they have a short life span so they are sexually mature at a very young age and they burn out quickly.Here are some Gerbil facts Sexual Maturity: * Male 13 weeks * Female 13 weeksEstrus Cycle: 4 – 6 daysGestation period: 25 – 26 daysLife Span: 3 yearsAvg.Litter size: 4 – 5Breading Life: * Male 2 years * Female 2 yearsAge at weaning: 21 daysYou will want to do a lot of research before you purchase your breeding pair because they are the foundation and this is where it all starts.You also need to think about the logistics of breeding Gerbils and what you are going to do about space and what is going to happen to the young pups.How many can you realistically care for and house? You will need to have adequate space for a mating pair and for their pups, up to eight.Once the young pups are weaned they will need to be separated into two tanks, for males and females. Each new litter of pups will need to have hands on attention, so they will be use to human contact.If you cannot find a breeder or you just decide to purchase your pair from the pet store, get the male and female from two different pet stores that are quite some distance apart. That way you are assured that the two gerbils are not related.Since you are specifically looking for a breeding pair, it is probably best to get them from a breeder. There are several advantages, one is you get to meet the parents and see if you like their temperment, and then you will want to know the history of the animals like: What is the overall fatality rate of the breeder’s pups? What is the fatality rate of the breeding pair that birthed your pup? What have their pups died from? (note that a fatality rate of 1:10 or less including stillborns is good) How inbred/related are the parents? (ask for a pedigree). Did the pup you are interested in have any health problems or injuries? Did it start as a runt, any respiratory problems, any difficulty weaning? Did any of the siblings die? From what cause? How are the parents with other gerbils? Has the breeder even had a problem with clanning them with an adult or pup in the past? A reputable breeder will be straightforward in answering your questions and appreciate your goal of raising healthy babies.It is critical that you never breed with more than one adult female in the tank – gerbils are a matriarchy and the females will fight to the death over the males. A male-female pair establishes an intimate bond and is the perfect breeding arrangement.It is important that you leave the dad in with mom to help her raise the babies. Otherwise the experience will be stressful for the mother gerbil and she may not be able to handle it on her own – especially a first time or older mom. If you do split a breeding pair, leave a daughter from the last litter to help mom raise the pups.I know this is a lot of information for one simple question, but I wanted to give you enough information to get you off on the right foot. You might want to look for a local breeder in your area and visit the site. Breeders are such a good resource and they are usually willing to share the knowledge they have gained.Well, good luck and hope this is helpful.
~~At what age are you most fertile~~and what age where you when you got pregnant?
Q: hi,i was just wondering what age is the best age to get pregnant..i am 18 and my fiance and i have been ttc#2 for a wile now and i was just wondering am i at a good age to get pregnant and i verry fertile now or should i wait???And what age did you get pregnant and how long did it take to get pregnant??Thanks all.. :)LOTS OF BABY DUST TO YOU.. :)ready for perant hood in my 20’s..lol..i already have a 2yr old son..and what is 2 years difference going to make??..
A: You are most fertile in your late teens and early twenties… after that fertility begins a slow decline. The decline becomes much more rapid after the age of 35, and after 35 you are considered of “advanced maternal age” and will most likely be advised to have more tests as risk of certain birth defects increase. At age 40+ fertility is fairly diminished but there are plenty of women out there that still have babies in their 40s.I found out I was pregnant 2 days after my 33rd birthday, we had been trying for 14 months.
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