What is the best prenatal vitamins for pregnant women

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Prenatal vitamins are all basically the same. The only person who can tell you which ones are good for you is your doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-prenatal-vitamins-for-pregnant-women ]
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Is Finest Prenatal Vitamins good? for pregnant Women?
All brands of Prenatals contain the right amount of vitamins for pregnant women. They are fine.
What are some good vitamins besides prenatal that women can take …?
Folic Acid is very important. You can take straight folic acid pills. You should also take Omega3 (DHA). A prenatal usually has folic acid, but not Omega3. I’m not sure why you don’t want to just take a prenatal, but you could just do a reg…

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For pregnant women, prenatal vitamins?
Q: Im 4 months pregnant. What are the best prenatal vitamins in the market. Right now im taken ONE A DAY womens prenatal, any suggestions??Thank u!!
A: i love the one a day they didnt make me sick but when i ran out i bout a different kind and it was horrible they made me very sick any name brand vitamins are good and some generic but remember you get what you pay for and if you start to get sick from your vitamins take 2 flintstone gummies they equals to 1 prenatal vitamin and they are good.
what is the best prenatal vitamins that is available worldwide? is this good for not pregnant women.?
Q: is this true? and this is good for hair and nails?
A: all prenatal vitamins half to be up to FDA standards, it does not really matter which u take they all do the same thing, sometimes a doctor will tell u to take a prenatal instead of a regular multi vit. it just doubles your vit. intake.
i planning to become pregnant what is the best prenatal or vitamins the best i take?
Q: i would like to know the best prenatal for not pregnant woman.
A: Go to puritan.com. They have a good selection there. Here’s the link: http://www.puritan.com/pages/iq.asp?SearchText=prenatal&xs=74B7379A9997491182A0EA0656A7141CYou can trust any they sell there, I think.
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