What is the chance of getting pregnant while you are on your period

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The chance of getting pregnant while on your period are low. It depends on if you ovulate close to the time your period comes. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-chance-of-getting-pregnant-while-you-are-on-your-period ]
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What is the chance of getting pregnant while on your period??
No time is safe. Sperm can live up to 5 days. While it has to fight a blood flow, it can still get in there and you could get pregnant.
Is it a better chance at getting pregnant while on your period th…?
the news is that a woman can ovulate any time during the month, yes, even while she has her period. sometimes a woman can ovulate more than once a month. Generally, ovulation takes place between periods, but …if you are not interested in …
Do women have a better chance of getting pregnant before after or…?
Well, technically before their period is also after their period. Those things do come around about every 28 days. I think you ovulate about 2 weeks after your period. For instance, my last period was Nov. 29, 2008 and I conceived around De…

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What are the chances of getting pregnant while on your period?
Q: Me and my boyfriend had sex the other night, while i was on my period and he cumed inside of me.What are the chances that i can get pregnant while im on my period?And if i did supposedly get pregnant while i was on my period, would my period just suddenly stop too early?Because i still have it… so im not sure if iam pregnant.If you know anything please help !thank you
A: thats disgusting and you usually dont ovulate while you’re on your period so theres pretty much no chance. why wouldnt you at least use a condom while you’re bleeding?
What is the chance of getting pregnant when you have your period?
Q: I’ve heard you can get pregnant while on your period. Doesn’t make sense to me because if a guy cums inside you during your period, wont it just join the flow of the blood, which is going out of the vagina? How are sperm cells going to get through all that blood to reach the egg? And even if it did, I thought the egg isn’t released into the ovary until 14 days following the first day of your period?
A: Actually, it is just a myth that you can’t get pregnant during your period. So to answer your question the chances are the same as when you aren’t having your period.Which would make it 97% if you are using condoms…I am not sure the percent when using birth control.
What are your chances of getting pregnant while on your period??
Q: So. I started my period four days ago. and two days ago me and my boyfriend decided to have sex. We wore a condom but in the middle the condom broke at the same time my boyfriend was cumming. I was just wondering what the chances are of getting pregnant in this senario… Thank you.
A: Although the chances of getting pregnant while you have your period are extremely small, it is a possibility. If you are concerned that you may be pregnant, make sure to either take a home pregnancy test, or see your gynecologist.
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