What is the drink pregnant women have to drink when they get labs done

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The test is an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. It measures the pregnant woman’s ability to tolerate glucose. Ask ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-drink-pregnant-women-have-to-drink-when-they-get-labs-done ]
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What is the drink pregnant women have to drink when they get labs…?
The test is an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. It measures the pregnant woman’s ability to tolerate glucose. Ask ChaCha!

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Possible Pre -Eclampsia?
Q: I am just looking to maybe hear from a few other women who may have been through this. I went to the doctor on saturday afternoon because I had what felt like menstral cramping. It turns out that I had a UTI. I was given medication for the uti and sent on home. At the appointment naturally they took my blood pressure. They took it several times because the bottom number kept staying in the high 70s into the 80s. Normally my bp will run 90/50-60 and sometimes even lower then that. I more or less just noticed that it seemed alot higher then what I normally run. My hands and lips had puffed up over night. Friday night I had my wedding ring on. It wouldn’t fit over my knuckle on saturday. It still does not go on. I felt like crap yesterday. Feeling really dizzy, To be honest I feel like im “buzzing drunk” That feeling that you get when you could probablly do about anything stupid? also some shortness of breath and just feeling like a total space case. I called the OB and they couldn’t see me because one of the doctors was out. I didn’t like this so I went to the walk-in clinic just to be checked out. Again they took my blood pressure several times and had me do a urine test. This time my blood pressures were reading about 130/95 consistantly. They advised that I make sure to follow up with my OB the next day.This brings me to Tuesday. Today! I went to my appointment at 945 this morning with the OB. Now they have found protien in my urine. My bp was a little lower today, 123/88. Still this is high for me! I get to do a 24 hour urine collection. Tomorrow I will have labs done and turn in the yummy jug! I am still dizzy and feel like all over crap. Tomorrow (wednesday) I will be at 32 weeks pregnant. Does anyone else have a simliar experience? How did it turn out for you? I know everyones different, But I am just a little bit uneasy….
A: You are very lucky to be 32 weeks along. Your baby should be just fine, even if they had to induce now (your bp isn’t high enough for that yet). I had Pre-E with my first two pregnancies, and both had to be induced. For my first baby, they just kept a close eye on the pregnancy with lots of extra ultraounds (to make sure there is enough fluid), and several of those fun 24 hr urine tests. Baby was induced at 39 weeks to be safe.Baby number two, given my history, they put me straight on a blood pressure lowering med, and I still developed pre-eclampsia. I was induced at 38 weeks (no big deal), and baby was born healthy and fine, despite my blood pressure and the protein in my urine.Both children are healthy and fine now. Like I said, you are far enough along not to worry a ton. In my experiance, they will try to get you to 35 weeks as a minimium, and then play it by ear if you develop pre-eclampsia.
Weird Symptoms…What do you think?
Q: For the past few weeks I have had all kinds of odd symptoms. First of all, I haven’t had a period in quite a while and it’s normal for me to have late periods, but I never skip them altogether. I have been constipated really bad (sorry, tmi) and I have gas, especially stinky gas which I rarely have. I have been having lower back aches and the muscles in my legs have been aching horribly. I have been having breakouts on my face which is rare for me. Last night I asked my husband for a fried egg sandwich and I hate eggs! I have a lower tolerance for some things, for example carbonated drinks. The biggest symptom I have, however, is my stomach. I am overweight anyway but my stomach and abdomen has started to round out. Also, a couple days ago, I had pain my right rib all day like I was being kicked. I’ve also had mild pain in different areas of my abdomen and pelvic area, and I’m peeing more and more frequently. I am also very very irritable. The problem is, I have taken several home pregnancy tests and they have came out negative. I went to my doctor before these symptoms even started because of my absent periods, and she ordered labs and told me come back in one month. Now I always get pms, that’s how I know when I am about to start and I haven’t has pms. I have never been pregnant so I was hoping to get a few opinions from other women who have been pregnant before.
A: if your doctor ran a blood test they would know and call you to tell you you are pregnant. if you haven’t heard the results of the test you can call your doctor and ask. the blood test for pregnancy is ready almost instantly.
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