What is the earliest a pregnancy test can determine if the woman is pregnant or not

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The pregnancy test know to detect the earliest is AccuHome which detects a level of 25 mIU. When this happens will vary. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-earliest-a-pregnancy-test-can-determine-if-the-woman-is-pregnant-or-not ]
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What is the earliest a pregnancy test can determine if the woman …?
The pregnancy test know to detect the earliest is AccuHome which detects a level of 25 mIU. When this happens will vary. ChaCha!

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can she be pregnant?
Q: I wanted to ask what are the changes of a women been pregnant? My girlfriend and I had sex earlier without any protection however I never managed to let my sperm in her, however my penis was wet from my pre-cum I only stroke her 6 times or so but not more. And, now it has been over two weeks and her period was to be in this month to be exact today however she usually skips a day or two. What are the chances of her been pregnant?What pregnancy test can be used now to determine if she is pregnant? Does having abortion with medication cause any kind of serious damage in future if you are to have kids? What are some of the problems that women face at this time?
A: e.p.t pregnancy test
Please for any mothers who have had pregnancies when tubes were tied,read my story!!Need help!Going crazy!:S?
Q: So,this is my low down of my recent story.I am a mother of a 12yr.old son and a 5 yr.old daughter.I had my tubes tied in Jan.2004, two months after my daughter’s birth.I had my last period that started very weird for me.Two days prior, I spotted brownish color thinking okay,my period is coming but usually I start off red.(Sorry for detailing but this may help me)then my period commenced somewhat slowly on Aug.15th and lasted about 2 days.Then that Monday night the pain I was getting in my lower back was immense.I couldn’t go into work the next day.I usually cramp and bloat like anyone else but the lower back pain was harsh.Once Tuesday was here of that week,when I was done my aunt flo,I mainly get one day of remaining left period (liner) and good to go.My periods lasts lately 3-4 days only but this was different.For 3-4 after I was done, I was spotting brown again but only when I wiped after I peed,nothing on my liner.Then all these things were happening to me incl.the lower back pain that hasn’t gone away yet.I got pinching in the pelvic( lower area too) at times sharp like someones stabbed me.Then nausea kicked in,fatigue and light headiness at times.I have been napping every day as I was off work for a week by my doctor because of all the tests and symptoms I have been getting.I feel bloated most of the time,a few times constipated but nothing major.I had a few days of vomiting and sometimes I can hold back but feel queasy if I do.One day,it was 3 times and I have no flu either.I recently feel my breasts heavy and sensitive but not overly.Nipples tender somewhat to the touch too.I went for blood work,urine samples all with my own Family Doctor and because all came back for no infections,etc.She examined me and found my uterus,bladder area sensitive,keeping in mind,no kidney stones,appendicitis,U.T.I.(which I had once and know what that is! Ouchies!) and peeing at times more excessive than normal.The doctor even checked a bowel test,etc.EVERYTHING is OKAY.The ultrasound shown nothing at all and ovaries are fine too.They can’t detect if tubes were still tied by the ultrasound to what she told me that they can’t.She is stomped right now and I think the ultrasound was too early to determine if I am pregnant if that’s the case.My next period is due around the 10-12th of Sept.I have usually a 26 day cycle.I am lost and confused beyond belief.I’ve heard stories about having tubes tied over a period of time can open the clamp.I did 3 HPT but negative and aware it may be too soon.My son took 5 weeks after my missed period after a false blood test too.My daughter was positive HPT the day after my missed period.I need some guidance and info. that anyone can possibly find for this situation regarding possible pregnancy after tubes been tied.I can’t find a good websites anywhere about this.I know it’s best I have to wait on if I miss my period but all my symptoms were sudden and point to this but scared too.My b.f. is pumped cause he’s got no kids but my own if I am prego and sees all what I am going through and knows I am not myself.Can anyone help with this matter please. I am seriously stomped especially since all my tests were fine to rule out any infections,etc.My Dr. said if worsen that I can keep going to get more blood work,urine tests but it’s getting silly.I think she was really baffled about this and told me obviously to avoid any alcohol and take tylenol for pain till this is resolved.I always missed my period for my first two kids and never felt this drained out and my b.f. brothers are twins too.Can this be a high probability as well??Please any advise would be helpful from any mothers or people you know may have similarities to what I am going through.One thing is for sure a woman knows her body and I am definitely not the same at all since then.Thanks!
A: i am the product of a woman with tied tubes. so no its not effective. i would continue to test, because if you are pregnant, the longer you go without knowing the more at risk you are for the fetus to damage something. Not that you’re worried about being fertile any more, but i hear an eptopic pregnancy can be quite painful. if you feel any really sharp pains i would go to the ER.
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