What is the earliest age of a human pregnancy

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A woman can get pregnant once she has a menstrual cycle. This age ranges from 7 to 15 after getting her 1st period. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-earliest-age-of-a-human-pregnancy ]
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What is the earliest age of a human pregnancy
A woman can get pregnant once she has a menstrual cycle. This age ranges from 7 to 15 after getting her 1st period. ChaCha!

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Who speaks for the little ones?
Q: We lose our innocence at an early age. Life is tragically brief, and very hard. But life is good. A little unborn baby cannot speak for themselves. Neither can unborn children defend themselves. It is my view that someone must speak up for their rights to live. I stand up for them, because they have no voice. They have hope before they are gone, but once the life is taken away, all hope dies. I am not a Fundamentalist. I implore you to not pass judgment upon me if I seem narrow minded. I do believe that in some special cases, that abortion may be a necessary evil. When all else fails, and a mother’s life is in grave, imminent danger, abortion may be the only way out. In the case of molestation, or rape, or incest, a woman should have a right to terminate the pregnancy if it happens as a consequence of an act of violence. It’s still a tragedy, but it might be a necessary evil. In most cases, I believe that we human beings should take responsibility for our actions. If anyone chooses to have sex, they must live with the consequences. I am all for women’s rights. I am not in any position to legislate morality. I am in no position of vantage. I am just an ordinary man. I just believe that the innocents should be protected.Agree? Disagree? What are your views on this matter?
A: We have the means to support these children in the US.edit – It’s totaly unrealistic to expect that the 1.1 billion abortions would have all been adopted or in foster homes, but don’t we have a duty to take care of these ones until they are old enough to do it themselves? Even if that means funding orphanages?
How do you explain the marriage of Prophet Mohammed to Aisha at nine?
Q: I wanted to start with an answer that Mujahid from Kings College, Guys Campus gave. It went something like this:Mujahid : “What you say about some one who married or had sexual intercourse with a sixteen year old girl who had not yet reached maturity/puberty?”Questioners response : “Well the law says that’s ok, but I have to admit that I don’t think that’s right…”Mujahid : “Exactly! The issue is not age, is maturity. If a nine year old girl has reached puberty and is mature then what is the problem?”The reason I liked this response is because it answers a question with a question. This is a good way to provoke thought. Often the question (as in this very example) forces the questioner to answer his/her own question within the response.Another benefit that is that Islam appears simple and clear and obvious enough for that person to understand themselves.My traditional response is to mention the same point about maturity. What is important here is not some random age, but the state of physical and mental maturity. It is well known that humans in hot countries mature much faster that in colder climates. During some research on this very issue I discovered that the earliest recorded pregnancy was and eight year old girl in South America! Aisha was therefore mature enough for this marriage. Reversing the question in this way was a stroke of genius, mashallah!These are some other issues that could be mentioned:Firstly: It was Allah who ordered the marriage of Aisha to the Prophet. That of course, takes us right back to the main issue that we talked about in the seminar about how to stop going round in circles. The one answer that answers all the questions!Secondly: By marrying the Prophet at such a young age Aisha was raised, nurtured and imbibed with knowledge of Islam. It is a fact that she became one of this religions greatest Scholars.Thirdly: Surely any objection to such a young marriage can only be made if can be shown that some harm was caused because of it. In fact all evidence points to the opposite in the case of this marriage which was so clearly full of love and happiness.Fourthly: According to ibn Sa’d (The Women of Madina ) Aisha was in fact already promised in marriage even before she was married to the Prophet. It shows that arranging marriages at young ages was quite normal.Fithly: AbuBakr, her father, was the one who asked the Prophet why he had not consummated the marriage with Aisha. (ibid)Correcting Misunderstandings
A: no girl is mature at nine years oldits wrong and evilits child molestationis this how people rationalize it is okay to abuse children
Does anyone know a congressman or someone who can change these ignorant laws in this country?
Q: I think its stupid at 18 you are considered legally an “Adult”but socially society sees you as children even at 21.You Cannot legally drink till age 21 or even go into certain clubs=STUPId,and you cant rent a car till 25 cause they don’t trust people under that age to drive safely.Meaning that AT 18 you are still considered a Minor for something.In today’s society “30” is the new “20” cause Thirty years ago at age 20 you were considered and treated as a full adult.Society today overprotects children,shelters them from the facts of life.If a child is old enough to comprehend things even in early Elementary School start teaching them to wait till you are an Adult to have sex and dont tell them what they can and cannot watch cause thats “Adultism”.I recently found out that the human brain is fully developed at age 25 meaning to make rational decisions and handling the consequences like when it comes to “sex and “pregnancy”,people under that age cant really handle the consequences of “serious” adult decisions under 25.right now there is a HUGE petition to get the drinking age to get the drinking age 18,I dont agree with this cause at 18 you could still be in High School but they should also teach to drink safely when you very young.I want to the voting age 25 legal adulthood age 25 drinking 25 and every adult privelage at 25 can someone change this PLEASe.If your brain isn’t fully developed and matured and body how can you handle really serious adult situations?At 18 going to war is not good that kids that young die when they really are just undeveloped kids.Society should be teaching younger children right from wrong but they thing everything on TV is innapropiate and they try to shelter kids from the reality of the real world.
A: [This isn’t the answer you want, but it’s something much more difficult to deal with: the truth.]#1). Please print this off, nail it to your wall, and re-read it when you’re 30. You’ll have a nice laugh. #2). A human’s brain is not fully capable of detailed decision making and understanding long-term repercussions. I don’t think people should vote until 25…#3). We live in a puritan society created by the farthest of the far right-wing weirdos. If you want a better society, I highly suggest you go spend some time in Scandinavia or the Netherlands. There, a 13 year old can buy beer and condoms, and nobody cares.#4). Young Americans today (22 and under) are some of the most rude, impolite and disrespectful people on earth. Even older Americans recognize this, and will do whatever it takes to keep “you” away from their society. If you want to change things, put down the cell phone and stop texting, learn to speak and write in complete sentences which are structurally and grammatically correct, then get active and try to change things. Most likely, you’ll just get older and realize that nothing was as bad as you imagined.
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