What is the endocrine producing organ present only in pregnant woman

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The placenta, which produces a hormone that stimulates the thyroid, is only present in pregnant women. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-endocrine-producing-organ-present-only-in-pregnant-woman ]
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What is the endocrine-producing organ in pregnant women?
In pregnant women the placenta also functions as an endocrine gland becoming the principle site of steroid production during pregnancy.

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endocrine study guide question?
Q: I left my Advanced Biology text at school, so this would help a great deal!! thanks!!Instructions: for each of the following hormones, indicate the organ (or organ part) producing or releasing the hormone by inserting the appropriate letters from the word bank.the word bank isA pineal glandB anterior lobeC posterior lobeD thyroidE thymus glandF adrinal glandG pancreasH ovariesI testesJ parathyroidK : and i cant figure out what word would be used for (endocrine-producing organ present only in pregnant woman.here are the questions1. acth2. adh3. aldosterone4. cortisone5. epinephrine6. estrogen7. fsh8. glucagon9. insulin10. lh11. lth12. melatonin13. msh14, oxytocin15. progesterone16. pth17. sth18, testosterone 19. thymosin20. throcalcitonin21. throxine22.tsh
A: 1. acth B2. adh C3. aldosterone F4. cortisone F5. epinephrine F6. estrogen H7. fsh B8. glucagon G9. insulin G10. lh B11. lth B12. melatonin A13. msh – Intermediate Lobe of the Pituitary Gland14, oxytocin – Hypothalamus15. progesterone H16. pth D17. sth B18, testosterone I19. thymosin E20. throcalcitonin D21. throxine D22. tsh B
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