What is the first thing pregnant women crave

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Honestly, women don’t usually crave the same things. It’s different for each woman. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-first-thing-pregnant-women-crave ]
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Why does pregnant women crave stupid things?
Your body demands so much more of you when pregnant and your cravings are typically a way of your body telling you what you need nutritionally.
Why do women crave weird things when they’re pregnant??
Most of the time, when someone craves a particular food, it’s due to deficiencies in nutrients, vitamins or minerals. Being pregnant takes a toll on a woman’s stores and can make her crave some strange combinations of foods. Some go as far …

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Pregnant women…HELP!!!?
Q: First off: I’m NOT ON THE PILL OR TAKING ANY PILL!!!!!I DON’T NEED NO PILL!!!!Now for the question 🙂 I’m on cycle day 30.This are my symptoms:-Fatigue-nausea(some gawk reflex)-increase appetite-craving-sore boobs(that really hurt)(never had them before, right or during period, you read NEVER!!!)(I have an anecdote: When I got my drive practice, I remember the old man telling me hey becaureful with the seat belt cause if you are on period some women get their boobs sensitive and this was me what the hell is that??? Now at 23 years, I know is not normal in my case!!!!!-The only problem is I have this pinching cramps that cause me almost vomiting but really doesn’t.(which make me think is period coming even though I have Never felt my cramps like that!!!)I wonder if I have cramps like that does that mean I’m not pregnant, right??My boyfriend says I’am cause I’m doing things like the first time I was pregnant.I don’t mind being pregnant but isn’t my symptoms period?BTW, I have mood swings and I cry for nothing!!If they don’t give me the food I want or pay attention to me.I know I sound like a baby but is this a symptom?
A: I’m positive that you are I had the same symptoms, I suggest you take a test to confirm this.Hope the best to you!!
Possiblity of getting pregnat on the implant?
Q: I had the implant put in at the end of may last year and have been having sex without a condom since then, I have put on a lot of weight and have not been having periods. There is a possibility I could have been pregnant before the implant was put in, but would it terminate the pregnancy? I have recently been having lots of problems with my bladder including a desperate urge for the loo, and have been having strange bleeding thinking it was my period, but it lasted 3 days stopped, and has happened again a week later. I have also been having cravings for pickled things recently, which my mum joked is what pregnant women crave which got me worried about it in the first place…..it is supposed to last 3 years, but my friend emma found out she was pregnant when she was 8 months gone and has just had a beautiful little baby girl. She didn’t have a clue until 8 months in. Thats got me worried too! And I did not have a pregnancy test before the implant.
A: If you would have been pregnant before you had the implant inserted, then you would have delivered by now. And you would have known. Your doctor should have done a test to ensure you’re not pregnant. There is a possibility of getting pregnant with the implant, as with with any other contraceptive as well, so I would suggest to see your doctor so you can ensure there is nothing seriously wrong with you.
Why should a mans attitude change all of a sudden when the women is pregnant?
Q: I asked another question sometime ago about my husband not being sympathetic towards me while being 36 weeks pregnant. As for this being my first child I can understand that I would be emotional during this delicate time that I am going through but, for this not being his first child I don’t think he should be acting the way he is acting towards me. He wants me to give him everything he ask for when he ask for it including fixing him a plate of food but, when I ask him for something that I am craving or to wash the dishes for me he turns into a little boy who never step foot into the kitchen. Why should I be going through this hes not a baby he a grown a$$ man and I don’t really see any signs of him changing. I can understand things are not going the way he would like to with his first child and before he was my husband or boyfriend when he had his first I was still there loving him and to me it didn’t make a difference to me because in my heart I felt like if a man can love a women who has children what’s the difference if a women love a man? So what’s his excuse of acting the way he is acting to me If he don’t want to be in this marriage than Id let him go and do what I need to because I don’t think for once that there isn’t anyone else out there who wouldn’t be willing to give me what I deserve am I wrong for feeling this way?
A: He sounds kind of like a jerk, but I mean some guys just do not respond well to pregnancy. I mean after I knocked up my girlfriend and she told me it took me like 2 weeks before I could even talk to her. Then about another couple months before I could really try being helpful. I know that it’s real hard on you girls, but having a kid can really freak a guy out. Now actually watching my girlfriend give birth to my son. Well I have to say, I do not consider it a miracle. It’s disgusting. When I saw my son come into this world, the first thing I did was run outside throw up in the garbage can for 15 minutes. You have not lived until you have seen a human being come out of another human being’s body. Girl’s don’t notice it because they are just glad to finally have that baby out, but from any other perspective it is absolutely disgusting.
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