What is the name of the pregnant man

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Thomas Beatie is the man who gave birth. He is pregnant with a second child! Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-name-of-the-pregnant-man ]
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What is the name of the ‘pregnant man’?
Thomas Beatie
Can you get pregnant if a man pulls out and doesn’t finish in you?
The “Pull Out” method, also known as “Withdrawal”, if always done correctly only 4 in 100 girls in a year will become pregnant.
How do men get pregnant?
The only way that a man can get pregnant is if he has female reproductive organs. Otherwise, it is usually hoax if you see a pregnant man walking around, though it would be shocking, regardless!

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what is the name of the pregnant woman turned man who was miss America?
A: I think you are thinking of Thomas Beatie. His name was Tracy LaGondino before the sex change. S/he entered some beauty pageants in Hawaii, but was not Miss America.
What is the name of Thomas Beatie’s (the pregnant man’s) baby?
Q: I saw he gave birth Monday but I couldn’t find the name anywhere. Are they keeping it a secret from the media because of the controversy?
A: I heard he named her Tracy, his name before he became transgendered
What is the name of a movie in which a young man helped a pregnant woman giving birth in a stuck elevator?
Q: If I remember correctly, the background of the movie is a group of high school friends. The elevator could be the one in the school. The movie might be within 1990~2000. Toward the end of the movie, In the stuck elevator cab, a young man is helping a pregnant woman (they might be both students) giving birth to a baby by being directed from other friends or professionals through the elevator phone. The elevator door got opened after the young man successfully helped the woman delivered the baby. Your answer is greatly appreciated!!!
A: That sounds an awful lot like SAVED BY THE BELLIn the episode where Zack and Tori help deliver Mrs. Belding’s baby in an elevator after an earthquake
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