What is the percent chance of a guy getting a girl pregnant

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If using birth control properly the odds are less than 3%. If not using protection the chances vary by age and cycle date. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-percent-chance-of-a-guy-getting-a-girl-pregnant ]
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What is the percent chance of a guy getting a girl pregnant?
If using birth control properly the odds are less than 3%. If not using protection the chances vary by age and cycle date. ChaCha!

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How likely is it to get pregnant when………?
Q: What is the percent chance of getting pregnant or getting an STD, when the guy is wearing a condom (maybe even 2), and the girl is taking birth control?Sorry, I’m 16 and I just started having sex, and I’m SO scared of getting pregnant.
A: Hi. The chances of getting an STD while wearing a condom are slim, 1-2% but those are with correct use. If you use it improperly, the chances obviously increase a lot. Condoms are not fullproof. Wearing 2 condoms is NOT a good idea, that increases your chances! The friction between both condoms will cause tearing, and you can get pregnant and contract a disease that way. An STD like, herpes or genital warts can be contracted from the skin, so condoms wouldn’t matter in that case, you could still become infected.Make sure your condoms are put on properly, hold them at the teat and then unroll. Making sure you are unrolling them the RIGHT way, (place it on your hand, and when the condom stands like a mexican hat, that is the correct way to put it on.) Make sure you leave room in the tip to collect semen, and make sure your condom isn’t out of date. As for getting pregnant while using condoms and the birth control pill, slim, but anytime you are sexually active there is a chance of becoming pregnant, nothing is 100% except abstinence.If you are worried about your partner and yourself, there is nothing wrong with getting an STD test. They’re quick, simple and a great way to insure your safe.I hope this information helps you 🙂
The actual chances of getting pregnant without having sex?
Q: Me and my friend were arguing about this. We were talking about how if a girl gives a guy a handjob then he finishes off, and right after fingers her what are the actual chances of getting pregnant? I’ve never seen the numbers but she claims that it’s less than 2 percent while I actually know my aunt’s best friend had a baby through this.Does anyone have actual proof of how likely it is? I’d like numbers involved to show her the percentage or 1 in _____ occurences. Thanks.
A: at the university i go to, south louisiana univerity tech, they’re actually doing a study kind of like this. now im just a student there and not med or anything so i dont actually know a lot of details, and they haven’t released any papers on it yet but if you want i can send you a link when they’re done or w/e, they’re doing like length of time, how deep a girl would have to go, all sorts of diff tests! theyre not actually using a human hand tho lol that would be wierd. so anyway tell ur friend the results are so far inconclusive! but if u want send me a mail then u can say “… but i will soon know everything.” lol
Did you get pregnant after doctor said you weren’t able to?
Q: Did the doctor ever tell you guys you werent able to have kids for any reason and then you guys end up getting pregnant. Guys did you get a girl pregnant when you were told you werent able to have any kids.Why was the reason you werent able t have kids?When you found out you were pregnant how did it change you?What percent did the doctor give you that you were able to have kids?Did you end up going thou the whole 9 months with out trouble?Did you want a baby girl or a baby boy?What did you have?My doctor told me ihave a 3% chance i were able to have kids and my boyfriend as no change what so ever. So i was just wordening if any of you guys got lucky.
A: YES I DID!!!when i was 16 i went to my very first OBGYN and found out i was covered in cysts. lots of medication later i was told i would probably never have kids. my uterus was so scared from all the cyst that the egg wouldn’t be able to implant. i had a miscarriage at 19 and when i was 23 i had a fertilized egg get stuck in my tube and they removed it. so i took a very slim chance and dropped it by 50%i would always say i couldn’t get pregnant without a DR’s help. well that was almost true. when i met my husband a medic in the army at 29. he got me pregnant on my 1st ovulation. we had a wonder full baby boy. then when he was 7 months old we got pregnant again. another boy. he is deployed now but we are taking steps to not get pregnant again so soon. some thing neither of us had ever had to do before. keep the faith.
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