What is the percent chance of getting pregnant using the pull out method

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There is no percent chance. Noone measures statistical values of sexual methods. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-percent-chance-of-getting-pregnant-using-the-pull-out-method ]
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What are the chances or percentage of getting pregnant using pull…?
Well it depends on when you have sex, if you think you got some inside her or not, and when you take the morning after pill. If you take the pill the day after you have sex there’s only about a 2% chance she can get pregnant. but two days a…

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What percent chance is there of getting pregnant using the pulling out method?
Q: I’m writing a leaflet about contraception for a school project and need to know. I know there is no definate answer but if you had to make an estimate what would it be?
A: According to the Board of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the withdrawal method is between 81% and 96% effective. The 96% is in a clinical environment under PERFECT circumstances, whereas the 81% is more accurate, because this is the ACTUAL number of people (19%) who use this method exclusively for a year and end up with unplanned pregnancies.
Safe-Sex and the Condom?
Q: When using a condom, and the pull-out method. (pulling out before the man ejaculates) What is the percent chance of the woman getting pregnant? Legit answers only please.
A: As long as the condom was used properly and there were no malfunctions your chances of getting pregnant are .1%. Which is VERY rare! Even though he used the pull-out method, there is a such thing called “pre-ejaculation fluid” with contains sperm. But like I said, chances of getting pregnant are .1%.
ovulating, pregnancy, sex question?
Q: so ive looked in many questions and seen many anwsers about ovulating and only being able to get pregnant a day before, during or after.what would the chances(percent) of being pregnant if you had sex 6 days after period then 3 weeks later, without a condom and using the “pull out method”
A: It can happen. But I’ll bet if this was the first and only time, You will be just fine. But don’t always count on the pull out method. Best of luck!
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