What is the purpose of a ‘period’

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A period (aka Menstruation) according to many Physicians, marks a womens failure to become pregnant during her reproductive cycle. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-purpose-of-a-%27period%27 ]
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What is the purpose of a period?
“During puberty, hormones are released from the brain and stimulate the ovaries. The ovaries produce estrogen and progesterone, hormones that cause the eggs in the ovaries to mature so the woman can become pregnant. Every month, one eg…
What is a temporary partnership set up for a specific purpose for…?
A syndicate is a temporary assoc of individuals or firms organized to perform a specific task requiring a large amount of capital.
How to skip a period on purpose?
Unless you are on birth control there is no way to skip a period on purpose. When your body has a period it is naturally cleaning itself out. If you are having problems with your period check with your doctor.

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A: mmm,Personally i think swimming is great!sometimes people worry way to much about things that arent really that bad.i know how you feel tho cuz i was like that too before i started swiming competitively.Anyways i say Swim, youll love it!its relaxing and nice, and better then running miles and being covered in sweat..As far as privacy,What you do is change inside a towel, thast how swim team people do it.You hold your towel over your body. like wrap it around your bodyThen you take off your clothes underneath it and put the suit on your body while the towel is still completly covering you. Then you changed wihtout revealing nething at all! put some lights shorts and a tshirt on over if you dont wanna just wear a swim suit until you get to the water from the lockerroom. but your suit hides things pretty well, depending on the suitThe physical aspect, swimming isnt that hard. its mostly technique if your not swimming competitions. And everyone is always bad unles they swim for a team. Plus P.E. its not like a team where you need to be good! Just have a good time and try and do whatever they ask!Oh and the smell, well no real way around that, just take something that smells good, take soap that you like and take a shower with it, With your suit on… for your privacy…Your hair,Wel put a cap on before you get in the pool, if you get a tight cap, it will barely let ne water in, ive seen girls swim competitions without even getting there hair wet.!but im sure it wouldnt be that bad if your hair got wet, it might even be a nice change of pace!As for the doctor’s note, i mean if you really think its that bad…but honestly its not as bad as you think…Good luck!
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