What is the record for the biggest pregnant belly

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There has never been any recorded statistics on pregnant bellies – but most women will tell you theirs wins the prize. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-record-for-the-biggest-pregnant-belly ]
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How big is the biggest pregnant belly ever recorded??
really big… I don’t think it’ll ever be known what woman has had the biggest ever pregnant belly in all of history. However, there have been several outstanding examples that have certainly been recorded for posterity. One such case was i…

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I’m confused. Am I pregnant or putting on weight?
Q: Ok. I’m starting to doubt I’m just putting on weight, but I’m not sure I’m pregnant.I normally have a 24″ waist, I’ve noticed it get bigger, which I hate, (I’m 5’3 BTW), last check it was 26″, then I checked just now and it’s 27″. I don’t have a scale to weigh myself. My hips are the same size still and my bust, I think gained half an inch to an inch, however I think my thighs may have gotten bigger, I’m not 100%. But what really puts me in doubt about being pregnant is that I did a test a few weeks back and it came back negative, and that I still seem to have a normal period cycle, (going by the Billings method), I have my dry days, my ovulating days and my bleeding days.Another thing, I’ve been put on perscription medicine, I’ve been taking that for maybe about five/six weeks now, the only side effect I noticed was it making me drowsy, which went away about three weeks ago, (it’s for anxiety and depression)..As for my diet. I may be eating more take away, but I can’t be sure why or if that is why I’m gaining weight. It just seems weird not to be filling out all over, the noticeable weight gain being just my belly.So do I sound pregnant or just putting on weight? Because I don’t want to go and start skipping lunch and working out, because it would be harmful to a baby, if there is one. I consume a block to two blocks of chocolate a week, and about take out two times a week.For the record, to avoid unintelligent and ignorant comments, I am an adult in my twenties and are well aware of the dangers of eating disorders, starving the body, and excess exercise. Please keep all teenage-style preeching to yourself.Oh, and my boyfriend and I always use a condom.Thanks to anyone who can help.
A: I’m not a expert on meds but I do know people that have taken anxiety meds have gained weight . Its more of a bloating than anything . Have you talked to your Dr. about the side affects.? I highly doubt you are pregnant . Take care 🙂 LOL poster VROOOM – Your metabolism does not start slowing down in your 20’s – are you a fitness expert and nutritionist ?
how to tell if my cat is pregnant?
Q: she has pink bigger nipples. and lumps around her stomach. when i pet her side when she is laying on the other side, its not just a “round stomach” my hand goes over soft lumps lol. and i feel weird little things in her belly when i picked her up the other night. she also meows like she is in pain or very emotional (sounds like it) short emotional meows… when some1 picks her up. and she doesn’t like being held for too long, unlike before a whole min was a record for us (since she doesn’t like to be picked up to begin with) but now if we even pick her up for a second she gets annoyed real fast! she is a house pet, we have let her out a few times only, NOT all the time. just in our very small backyard that has a highhh fence, where she CAN’T climb over, but the other MALE cats have… and the male cat had been wandering around for her… so yea..sooo… what is going on?(plz dont say, im messed up for not getting her spayed because there will be a lot of kittens that can end up in bad places…. i will handle that so it’s not the issue.. but i just wanna know if those r the signs! and what else to look out for!)any advice for my pregnant cat (if she is)treatments.. care.. etc..she is a year and 1 month old. it’s been about 2-3 weeks (i think) since ive seen her pink nipples. her fur sorta sags under her belly, so it is a bit hard to see a big belly.
A: The pregnancy sign in cats are behavioral and physical ones. Cat pregnancy cannot be determined by blood or urine tests like humans. A healthy cat pregnancy gestation can last from any where between 60 to 70 days. It can be detected in the following ways:1. Pinking Up: One of the most common and noticeable signs that indicate pregnancy in cats is the enlargement and pinking of the nipples of a female pregnant cat (also known as queen). They will appear swollen and larger than their normal size. This change comes generally in the third week of pregnancy.2. Irregular Heat Cycle: One more significant sign to look out for is missed or irregular heat cycle of your queen. One should know that cats can have a heat cycle even during the pregnancy.3. Weight Gain: By the fifth week of gestation, your queen can gain enough weight to look pregnant. Its abdomen protrudes and it looks rather fat. But never try to touch the belly and feel the kittens inside, as it may cause miscarriage or any other harm to the unborn babies.4. Increased Appetite: The mother-to-be cat tends to eat more. An increased appetite and more interest in food are easily noticeable in a queen, in about 23-25 days of gestation.5. Morning Sickness: Cats can have morning sickness during pregnancy, just like humans! The queen may reject or throw off food sometimes. She may be very irritable or quiet too. It’s a normal sign and one must not be worried till your cat over does it.6. Nesting: Preparing for the new family is a natural tendency in all animals and your queen will also show signs of nesting, late in the pregnancy period. It will roam around the home in the search for a safe, warm and secluded place to give birth. One can easily notice its strange behavior and attempts to try new and hidden places. It is recommended that you provide a nesting box to your cat.7. Seeking More Attention: Your queen may become clingier and will need more of your attention. Especially if it’s her first litter, she will be more attached to you.8. Veterinarian Check: The best confirmation of your cat’s pregnancy can be made by your veterinarian. If you find any of the above pregnancy sign in your cat, just check with your vet. He can feel the abdomen of your queen and confirm the presence of babies. Don’t ever try this at home. This is best done when the pregnancy is just 20 – 25 days old. It can be tested by an ultra sound too, after this period. An X-ray of the queen’s abdomen can also show the bone structure of the babies too, but this is not recommended before 43 days of gestation.
30 weeks pregnant with an [email protected]#hole’s baby?
Q: I was wondering if anyone has gone through the same thing. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my third child. After I was pregnant with my first child, I gained weight from quitting smoking and the only food that seemed to stay down was something fatty (I don’t know why that was the case). My “fiance” (I quote it because I don’t feel like he really is that to me) got embarrassed of me and treated me like I was shameful. For example: We went fishing together ( he was fishing and I just watched him, oh what fun!) and his favorite lore got caught on a rock in the middle of a lake. He was bummed so I swam out and got it. I came back up drentched and I apparently wasn’t attractive enough to stand next to him anymore, because he walked away from me and said “I don’t know you, don’t come near me”. I think the only other people that saw me were two old men. We stopped going places together and I knew I gained some weight while I was pregnant, but it justified the fact that I didn’t have my same figure anymore. After I had my first child, I was the primary caretaker and he went to work to support our new family and only played video games when he got home and didn’t want to spend time with any of us. 3 months after, I got pregnant with my second child. He told his mom that I pressured him into doing it and this made me feel like he wasn’t proud to say he was having another baby. I didn’t get much support of anything from him for either pregnancy and I started getting really upset from here on out because I felt trapped. 6 months after I had my second child, I was pregnant with my third baby and now I’m 30 weeks along. The sex is only twice a month, he plays online games and doesn’t pay attention to the kids he has and I still don’t receive any support. He only wants to go to prenatal visits if they are ultrasounds or if I’m going to give birth. To add to everything, he is a big baby. He got mad because I only made the kids something to eat and not him and kept saying to the kids “I bet you have a full belly”. I keep trying to leave him, but I have no where else to go. My credit got messed up from identity theft and now I can’t qualify for any places around here without clearing up my records which is impossible to do apparently. Can someone give me advice on what to do? I don’t want to be with him anymore and I have no where else to go. He’s a dickhead and I want a real man in my life that will acknowledge me and give me credit for what I do. I got to college while having small children in diapers which isn’t easy to do, but he told me I was on “vacation” because I didn’t work. When I finally got part time jobs, he made me quit them because it was cutting into his social life and hunting time (which he has no social life and hasn’t hunted in two years). Even a full time job working 16 overtime each week wasn’t good enough for him and made me feel guilty for “leaving my kids”. I can never win with this man. I also want to have a natural birth because both of my kids were c-sections and he thinks I’m going to be stretched out for sex. I’m torn, fed up, and I don’t know what to do…I need advice!! Please Help!!The only family I have would be my mother who isn’t stable and I don’t want my kids to live with that kind of person. But I do feel better when I go over there and get away from him, so it’s almost like a lose, lose situation. And when I do go over to my mom’s he calls me and treats me like he loves me and wants to have the kids with him, but when I finally come back here, he goes back to not wanting either of us. I don’t if it’s a game or if he only misses us being away.
A: Leave. He is emotionally abusive. Contact your department of social services and ask what programs are available to help victims of abuse. If they aren’t going to help you, find SOMEWHERE to stay for a few nights. Then go to social services and tell them you are homeless. There are plenty of programs out there to help you get on your feet and set you up with housing and food. Don’t make excuses to stay, I know it seems like their are no options, but there are. Best of luck.
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