What is the weirdest thing that a pregnant has craved

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Pica is an abnormal appetite or craving for substances not fit to eat as chalk. clay, dirt, soap, etc. Common in pregnancy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-weirdest-thing-that-a-pregnant-has-craved ]
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What is the weirdest thing you ever craved while pregnant??
To the girl who was craving fabric softener and to the girl whose aunt craved dust: that’s a common sign of iron deficiency during pregnancy! Make sure to take your prenatal vitamins =) The weirdest thing I have craved during my pregnancy w…
What is the weirdest thing that you craved when you were pregnant…?
With my daughter, I loved eating bananas mushed up on hot chocolate lol. Yuck, right? With my son, I didn’t have any food cravings, but I craved the sound and feel of ripping up paper towels. lol, I dont know what that was all about but …
What Was the Weirdest Thing you Craved During the Pregnancy??
I was craving rubber in my first pregnancy. Whenever I was helping my little sister with her homework, I had to restrain myself from eating her rubber!

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What is the weirdest thing you’ve craved?
Q: I’m 27 weeks pregnant (today!!) and the weirdest thing for me so far would be… MUSTARD. One night, I had to make myself a corndog so i could have some mustard…AND so i could say that i didn’t hold the bottle over my mouth and squeeze. Hehehehehe. :)AND…alsoooooooo, just to let you all know, I just ordered a BBQ Chicken Bacon pizza from Papa johns and my mouth has neverrrrrrrr been so happy… I highly recommend it. ;)lol great answers, guys!!I also forgot that I am craving HOT WINGS like never before!! I used to get BBQ wings, but not now! I want MILD WINGS. I can’ get enough of them!
A: Great Question!! That pizza sounds so delicious!! i’d have to sy my weirdest craving has been chocolate milk.. i hated it before pregnancy! it’s not so weird thou! maybe i’ll get weirder cravings further along!!God Bless
any of you pregnant women crave weird things?
Q: at the beginning of my pregnancy, my doctor kept asking me if i was craving things i couldnt eat, like dirt or laundry detergent or anything like that. i told him no and thought that was weird but he said some pregnant women crave that kind of stuff when there body is lacking certain things. well i am 31 weeks and even though i havent craved eating something that i cant eat, i crave the smell of gasoline. everytime i go to get gas, i just want to stand there and breathe in really deep. now i obviously dont do this, i actually made my husband start taking my car and filling it up for me so i dont feel tempted. this is soo weird, i have never felt like this before. this is the only weird thing that i crave but what kind of deficiency could i have for me to crave this? i have also started craving ice within the last 2 or 3 weeks. i have heard that could mean you have an iron deficiency.
A: I’ve heard of one craving pickle juice while pregnant.
If you’re pregnant right now (or have been recently), then what kind of odd meals did you eat?
Q: lol I remember asking my mom (or my oldest sister, can’t remember who) why pregnant women crave weird things, like pickles dipped in yogurt (eww…) and other weird stuff. They said that it’s not that the women necessarily want to eat the foods together, it’s just that they’re craving certain things that those foods will give them? Like the yogurt has like fiber and stuff, and the pickle… well I dunno if pickles are really that good for you lol but maybe if someone actually DID dip pickles in yogurt, maybe they thought the pickle made the yogurt a bit sour? O_O lolI’ve read some answers on here of what some women have eaten. Like one ate raw salmon, and another one was eating a bowl of fish soup and a bowl of cereal at the same time, alternating between each bowl, having a spoonful of one thing then eating the other… That’s some pretty crazy things lol.So, did you ever crave bizarre things at the same time? And do women crave them because their body needs whatever nutrients they can get from the items (and for some god awful reason, they find stuff that’s actually appetizing to them, but definitely not appetizing to many other people lol)…?
A: when i was pregnant i really craved anything with ice creamfor example: popcorn with strawberry ice cream, chips with vanilla,and yes ive even tried pickles with it and will it went good with strawberry
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