What is the worst thing to do while pregnant more

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Some of the worst things you can consume while pregnant are illicit drugs, junk foods, raw fish, and insufficient folic acid. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-worst-thing-to-do-while-pregnant-more ]
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What is the worst thing you did while pregnant?
-didn’t take my vitamins because they made me violently ill. -drank several times before i knew i was pregnant. -got into a hot tub -ate rare meat -changed the litter box (someone had to do it!) -smoked, although i quit as soon as i found o…
What is the worst thing you eat while pregnant?
I eat a ton of sweets also. I never cared for them too much before I was pregnant. Lol! My big thing lately is candy and chocolate. Horrible I know. I try eating lots of salads, veggies and fruits, too. I give in to my cravings and I don’t …
Why it bad to lift heavy things while pregnant?
It won’t damage the baby but it could cause you to go into early labor. Just make someone else lift stuff for you and kick back and relax for the next few weeks. You really want your baby to make it to full term if possible.

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food allergy, red rash while pregnant?
Q: hey ladiesi am 12 weeks pregnant and for few days i have a red rash on my belly, chest and inside of my arms. i had something simillar when i eat to much tomatoes, pineapple or strawberries. i was eating all of it cause that was the only things i like. i stopped 2 days with all food that may effect it. but rash still showes and sometimes getting red. now i started to think its from the flour products cause now i eat more of it. did any of u had food allergies or did they get worst while u pregnant or maybe that was the time when they showes up. and what did u take to make rush dissapired.
A: Strawberries, wheat flour are well known allergens. It is very likely that your baby is rejecting these foods and his/her reaction is passed to your blood through the placenta.During your pregnancy, you should avoid food that are well known for causing allergy. Your baby can develop food allergy from what you eat while pregnant and breast feeding. Also don’t feed baby allergic food until they are at least 12 months old. One very common mistake is to feed soft food such as bread, peanut butter or egg custard to baby when they first started eating solid food at around 4 to 6 months old. From month 4 to month 12 is the trouble period because their digestive system is NOT full developed yet and introducing certain food during that period may have a long term impact on what your child can enjoy for the rest of their life. Holding off certain food during that critical 8 months period will allow them to enjoy the same for the next 80 years. So choose wisely. Some allergy such as peanut allergy can be fatal. In recent years, this allergy is getting so bad that the medical professional asks parents not to introduce peanut products to kids until they are 5 years or older. But I think that is an overkill. 12 month should be old enough to try all kind of food.Well known allergic food includes but not limited to:Shellfish, especially shrimps and crabsPeanutsEggWheat (flour contain gluten)StrawberryCitrusVisit the baby food aisle in the supermarket to see what are safe for baby. You don’t have to buy the jars, you can prepare the food from scratch, e.g. Apple and pear are safe and easily prepared. You don’t find strawberry, orange or pineapple as baby food for a good reason. Babies should only start with rice cereal. Wheat cereal should not be introduced until 12 month old to prevent developing gluten intolerance.
Women who had gas frequently before pregnant can feel baby kick earlier? Recognise diff between gas?
Q: Might sound odd, but yeah before I fell pregnant I have ALWAYS had a gassy belly. So when I started getting it worse while pregnant I never thought it was the baby kicking….it has always clearly been gas. Last night I felt weird things happening. I was laying down and it was happening very low down on the right hand side. But it felt like tiny little flicking feelings, unlike anything i’ve felt before. I’m only four months along and I know that they say most first timers feel it 5 plus months along. ANYWAY if you constantly got gas before being pregnant are you more likely to recognise the diff between kicks and gas? And if they were kicks should i be able to feel them happening during the day no matter what i’m doing? They weren’t very strong so I think when i’m up and about during the day it would be hard to feel?
A: “I’m only four months along and I know that they say most first timers feel it 5 plus months along. ” – I don’t think that’s true. I started feeling kicking around 4 months and most people I read about on here say the same.And it’s true – kicks CAN feel like gas to some. You usually start feeling kicking when you’re laying down or still because when you’re not moving.. the baby has a chance to move. I have felt them standing up, but I was standing still.
15 and possible pregnant is back with some more info and questions…..?
Q: So after my missed period in March…i spotted for two days on my “period” for April. Haven’t gone to test yet i really don’t have anyone who will be there for me. Anyways…I exercise daily…is that a bad thing to do while i might be pregnant? and sports…are they bad for the baby((if there is one))? I have been having some more lower stomach pains, nausea, back pains, and I’m having some trouble sleeping…just can’t seem to get comfortable…does any of this increase my chances of being pregnant? I know i keep asking if you all think i am but I’m just trying to see if i may be and depending on the answers i get if i have to ill end up going to test by myself…which i was trying to avoid so let me know what you think please…Also is it bad to take over the counter medicines while possibly pregnant because i have a non stop cold that I’m trying to get rid of…Thanks for everyone’s help =)Sorry I put possible instead of possibly…
A: You have to stop avoiding the problem and deal with it head on. Stop stressing out and get yourself a home pregnancy kit or go and visit Family Planning they will do a pregnancy test for you.I know you must be feeling scared and imagining all sorts of things, you really need to be brave and confide in your mum, or another trusted growup, we aren’t all as scary as you might think. Most of us growups do remember what it was like to be a teenager and even though we might act like we’are perfect none of us are or were perfect teenagers.You may not even be pregnant but I think you need to talk to someone in person, early detection of any health problem is always best. So get off the computer and find someone who can help you right now.Best wishes.
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