What is the youngest age someone has ever been pregnant

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The youngest person to be pregnant was Lina Medina of Paurange, Peru who gave birth at age 5! Crazy! Thanks for ChaChaing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-youngest-age-someone-has-ever-been-pregnant ]
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What is the youngest age of someone you know personally who has b…?
my cousin was ten when she gave birth to the most beautiful little girl i’ve seen in my life. here’s the scenerio: she was taking hormones for two years before this, because she has a disorder. anyways, my uncle was taking her to the grocer…

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What is the youngest age someone has ever gotten pregnant at?
Q: And at what age is it possible to start getting pregnant at?
A: As soon as a girl begins her menstrual cycle (or shortly before hand). If you are asking who the world’s youngest mother was, she was 5 years old. Here’s the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lina_MedinaOf course that is extremely rare. Most girls don’t begin menstruating until 10-15 years old.
Whats the funniest/rudest thing someone has said to you while you were pregnant?
Q: For me, it was by a total stranger in a grocery store. Took one look at me and said “Oh, you poor thing, being a single teenage mom is sooo hard these days. I bet you learned your lesson didnt you?” I cant beleive some people! I was almost 20 at the time, and married. Sure, I look young for my age, but I was wearing a ring. What a rude assumption to make, and even worse that she said it!My friend has twin boys who are now 3 years old. She then found out she was prego with triplets. And no, she wasnt on fertility drugs, she was on the depo provera shot both times. People would often look from the twin boys, to her giant prego belly and give her dirty looks, as if she did it on purpose and was a bad person, lol! They would even say things like “havent you ever heard of selective abortion (killing one of the multiples to give the other baby/babies a chance) Some people are so mean! What kinds of amusing or even horrible things have people said to YOU while prego
A: Ive been overweight and large chested all my life, and was getting asked all the time if i was preggo. It was so rude but just took it and said “nope just fat but thanks”. Now after my divorce i lost a lot of weight and people were so nice to me and complimentive, then i got pregnant, Im 8 months pregnant, though i didnt show and carried the baby all the while very high up and thanks to my big big boobies my tummy never got beyond them. I didnt tell everyone about it and some of those loosely aquainted people were like, ooohh is the diet not working? Have you gained weight again? I over heard a distant cousin speaking to another cousin at a wedding that I had no will power and that my diet failed, I cried for a while, then went back and was smiling and laughing and was like all giggly and said guess what ladies Im having a baby are you excited for me??? there faces were retrobution enough. This week finally my tummy has surpased my boobs and i finally look pregnant but its short lived i am due mid to late March.
Why do people think just because someone is young and has a baby?
Q: That they have the worst life ever. They say you messed your life up and things like that. Don’t they know that you can have problems when you are older too when having a baby. I had my child at a young age. I’m still in college, I live on my own, I pay my own bills, I have my own car, no I’m not on welfare, and I’m not broke either. I was never the type to party anyway so not going out every weekend doesn’t bother me. I never smoked and I never drank so that doesn’t bother me either. My life is fine and I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY YOUNG PEOPLE RUIN THEIR LIVES WHEN HAVING BABIES.No I didn’t want a baby…….it was a mistake.But at least Im not out aborting every baby that forms in my stomach like some people. And I think when people say things like that I think it encourages and makes people feel stupid when they do get pregnant. They feel embaressed and then want to get abortions and IT’S NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!I’m 19 going on 20In caseyou wanted to know ageWhat do u think!!
A: Fact of the matter is, most young people are not CAPABLE of supporting and caring for a child. Period.I was 19 when I had my first child. Yes, I was young. I was married, and thought I knew it all. We divorced. It was hard but I will tell you this much….my daughter is one of the most wonderful children on this earth, and *I* raised her.But still, the fact remains, MOST young people are not capable of what you, I, and others like us have done. It’s the truth, and as much as a stigma it is to young parents, it won’t change other people’s minds.
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