What kind of doctor do you go to when your pregnant

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During pregnancy, a woman goes to an obstetrician or an ob-gyn, who specializes in obstetrics & gynecology. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-doctor-do-you-go-to-when-your-pregnant ]
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What kind of doctor do I go to if I am pregnant??
A family practitioner would probably be cheapest and most can deal with pregnancies as long as there are no complications.
You need to see an OB/GYN. Do you have insurance? If you do, then first find out which doctors will accept your insurance. The insurance company can provide you with all this information. I had medicaid with my first pregnancy and I was …
When I can’t get pregnant, what kind of doctor should I go see fi…?
I suppose it depends on how your health care system works- but I have two doctors. My general physician, and my ob/gyn. If I were having trouble conceiving, I would consult my ob/gyn as he is specialized in that area. If you don’t have an o…

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what to do after finding out your pregnant?
Q: My doctor is kind of slow and when I asked her what I should do if I find out I’m pregnant (we are trying) such as how soon to schedule an appointment she kind of blew me off and sent me for blood work. How soon do you start appointments after finding out your pregnant? At how many weeks pregnant do you go for check ups?I’m not pregnant yet.. well I’m on the two week waiting period right now. She did some bloodwork and put me on prenatal vitamins right away. I guess she just wanted to take it one step at a time. Will definitely go as soon as I find out I’m pregnant, but wanted to know how soon after that initial visit do you go?
A: It really depends on the doctor/hospital system you are using. I’ve had two successful pregnancies but with my searching for the perfect MD I’ve been to several different doctors. Most of the time you have your initial appointment to just confirm the pregnancy and if there are questions regarding how far along you are, your doc might send you to get an ultrasound. After that, assuming you’ve had a recent pap smear and there are no complications your MD might not want to see you again until you are 8 to 10 weeks along and then every month after that.
What kind of excercise can you do when you’re pregnant?
Q: I own a dog service company, just my husband and I and I do about four hours of walking a day….I’ve always done that, it’s not speed walking but just a nice comfortable stroll rather, we go to the dog park a lot also…..Some days it’ sonly one hour, we also do grooming and boarding, but regardless…I just wondered what your doctors have said about excercise as I haven’t seen my yet…soon!
A: The general rule is not to increase your current exercise load or start any new activities. As long as you feel comfortable walking for that long it is fine, you can continue as normal. However if you stop for a period (of about a month or so) you probably wont be able to go for such long walks. I used to work out at the gym for 1.5hrs every day but got sick early pregnancy and so couldn’t continue at the gym when I got better.You are fine to continue what you are doing just dont take on extra or lift anything heavy.
Whats the worst experience you’ve have with your doctors while pregnant?
Q: I just had an an appt. not with my normal doctor, but with a nurse practitioner. I was expecting her to be pretty much just like my doctor. Oh my goodness! The women did not greet me, wouldn’t make eye contact, rolled her eyes when I told I had a couple of questions, and then sat back in her chair with her arms crossed, giving these huge annoyed sighs. When I asked her about watery discharge during sex she told me I probably peed myself, and I had to prompt her on whether or not it could be amniotic fluid, to which she told me that it could! Then I asked her about the upcoming blood test they would be doing, and she got all irritated and told me to just read about it. And then when I asked what other routine tests would be coming up, she told me quote, “well, they are going to be shoving a q-tip up your vagina and your anus.” And only after I asked her what that test was for, did she tell me it was a strep B test, and what ti was for! I never could imagine a doctor talking to me like that! I almost wish I would have said something back, but I was too shocked! Anyways, I was stunned after leaving the office, but just started laughing later, because this woman was sooo terrible, it was almost funny. Anyways, it got me thinking ladies, what kind of doctor stories do you all have?Oh yeah, and at one point she asked me if this was my first child, and I told her yes, expecting to hear a congratulations, or “how exciting” you know, something along those lines. But she just raised her eyebrows and all sarcastically said ” Well thats obvious”
A: I would call and cmplain about her!! She should not be treating patients that way! My worse experience so far was when my doctor sent me to radiology for an ultrasound, she wanted to check out my organs and stuff ebcause I was in pain on the right side of my stomach and she didnt think it was realated to the baby. I got there and the girl started my ultrasound it took her an hour and a half, and I was in so much pain she was literally using two hands trying to jam the wand into my ribs and stomach, and she wanted me to hold my breath in when she did it, when Icouldnt hold my breath because she was pushing on my stomach so hard she accused me of smoking when pregnant (which I do not do). Then another girl came in and did redid the whole ultrasound and tool me that the other girl was just in training so she has to check her work!! I endedup being there for over 3 hours! They never told me she was a student until afterwords, I throw a fit, she hurt me so badly that I even had bruises the next day!
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