What lotions will help stretch marks

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Over-the-counter stretch mark treatments are available. Ask your doctor to recommend one. And, if you are pregnant, discuss MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-lotions-will-help-stretch-marks ]
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Will Tanning Lotion Help Cover Stretch Marks??
I tried Dove, but it’s similar. Since yours are still pink, they should be less noticeable after applying the tanning lotion. Are they pink and THIN, cuz if they’ve gotten wide, that’s harder to camoflauge. For white stretch marks, the loti…
Will lotion help get rid of my stretch marks?
Unfortunately, once you get stretch marks they don’t go away. The stretch marks are tears in the elastin and dermis (part of you skin, which is underneath the surface.) Lotions will help your skin feel nice and soft, maybe lighten them, but…
How long will it be before stretch marks disappear using Cocoa Bu…?
well unfortunately they wont completely dissapear. but they will lighten so that they are not as obvious. but you have to use it frequently for a while. a couple other fade creams that you can use for stretch marks are: Ambi Skin success Pa…

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What will help hide stretch marks? Tanning lotion?
Q: I started getting stretch marks in the very begining at like 8 weeks and they have grown and grown. I am 23 weeks now and I have a lot on the sides of my belly button. We are going to the beach next weekend for 4th of July and as much as I want to wear a bikini to get some sun on my very white belly I don’t want to gross everyone out with the stretch marks. I have heard that using tanning lotion will help because unlike using the natural sun, tanning lotion actually tans the stretch marks so they look less noticable. Anyone tried this? Anything else you recomend to hide them? If not, where do you suggest to get a two piece bathing suit that will cover my stomach?
A: Yeah, it does help to dull them a bit. And the tan makes you look slimmer!! I say you can’t go wrong with the stuff, but that’s just me. I have them all over my hips and thighs, and while it wasn’t miraculous or anything, I could definately tell a difference. And I’m sure you won’t gross everyone out!! Bellies are beautiful!!
what are some lotions or other things that will help with stretch marks????
Q: I have gained some weight, and as a result I have gotten some stretch marks on my thighs.. I was wondering if there is any lotions or anything else that will make them less noticeable??
A: it’s a skin cream called mederma specefically for scars and stretch marks and a lotion called mother’s love
To those who have told me that cocoa butter helps removes stretch marks: How long will it take and what brand?
Q: I’ve been told by several different people that putting cocoa butter or lotion on you stretch marks helps to make the appearance less noticable or barely visible. I’ve been putting generous amounts of this stuff on for several months and barely any results! Am I using the right brand and how long does it take for it to show results?
A: nothing gets rid of stretch marks. cocoa butter supposedly helps PREVENT them but once you have them you can’t get rid of them. they’re caused by a decrease in elasticity of the skin. basically, they’re scars. they will fade over time, but they won’t ever go away. losing weight will help conceal them. there are (costly) laser treatments that can help diminish the appearance as well. avon makes a stretch mark smoother that i thought worked very well for mine. i bought 2 tubes and didn’t need the 2nd.Avon Anew Clinical Strength Stretch Mark Smoother9 out of 10 women have stretch marks…now you don’t have to be one of them… regardless of the age of the stretch marks…regardless of their color. Each stretch mark is actually visible discolored scar tissue caused by stretching and a breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. Moisturizers, vitamin E, aloe or cocoa butter alone can’t fade stretch marks. Avon’s new revolutionary treatment, with patented technology, can. Patented Trilaser technology formulated to help: Stimulate collagen to correct the look of stretch marks. Boost elastin to help prevent new stretch marks from forming. Plus, powered with Butea, a natural plant extract to help lighten & fade stretch marks. Apply AM and PM to stretch mark areas. For use on thighs, hips, arms and buttocks.
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