What month does a pregnant women began to "show"

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Normally, a woman begins to show when she is about 4 months along, but it depends on the individual woman. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-month-does-a-pregnant-women-began-to-%22show%22 ]
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How many months into pregnancy does a woman begin to show visible…?
Every woman is different when they start to show, but most women start to show in their second trimester. ChaCha on for now!

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At what point does a newly pregnant woman begin to feel really tired and use the bathroom a lot?
Q: ON THE AVERAGE, (I realize it’s different for everyone).I just found out that I’m preggers and I’m trying to get an estimate on how far along I am. I’ve had MAYBE 5 mestrual cycles since my 17-month-old daughter was born so I really can’t go by that. I realize I’ll find out eventually when I get to the doctor but I’m trying to get an idea now.I’ve been really tired for 1-2 weeks and just yesturday I’ve started using the bathroom A LOT.
A: With my first pregnancy I was on the loo all day starting at about 4 weeks. With my second, it was between 2-3 weeks (found out really early with both). Can’t remember much in the way of tiredness from the first pregnancy, but with my son I was wasted from day one. It was a shocker the whole nine months!
I think I’m pregnant… and I’d like to know a few things. Help, please…?
Q: I may be pregnant, but I haven’t gone to the doctor yet. I know that usually a pregnant woman begins to “show” around 4-5 months. What if the woman is pregnant with twins? When will she most likely begin to show? Also, if you’re preg w/ twins, when do you find out that you’re preg w/ twins and not just a single baby? Thank you for your time.
A: I found out that it was twins during my first ultrasound. I had no reason to suspect twins and I knew exactly when my last period was, so it was a routine first trimester ultrasound between 11 and 12 weeks.I’m also tiny, 110 pounds before pregnancy, and I did not begin to really show until half-way through my second trimester. Now I’m gaining 2 lbs a week and you can see it on my belly every time one of them moves!
Is there a possibility I may still be pregnant?
Q: Hello, I’ve had 3 miss periods, one being recently. I was supposed to start April 10th, but have no yet. The past months i’ve been taking pregnancy tests because my boyfriend and I had the thought I may be in fact pregnant. We took around 7 tests 5 out of them being positive, and 2 being negative. I’ve had all the symptoms.Many of which include1.Cravings2.Abdominal pain3.Mood swings4.Sensitivity to smell5.tender and heavier breasts6.darkened nipples and bumps on my areolas7.Frequent urination, 8.nauseaETC ETC. about 2 weeks before my FIRST missed period I had spotting, Light pinkish blood with brown discharge. This was a common sign for pregnancy I had noticed. After that I started bleeding heavy but more liquid then my normal period and lasted less time. I figured i was just on it. And then I began to worry May i have had a miscarriage? I had blood clots and sharp abdominal pains. My head was aching of migraines and i felt like just giving it all up.I went to the house of ruth around 3 weeks after that and took another test, showd up negative I told the lady what has been happening and she told me it most likely was a miscarriage and she went on about it being about stress. Blah Blah.I was heart broken. But around 1 1/2 weeks after I noticed I got bigger and I was throwing up a lot more but gaining more energy than before (I noticed it today)Looked photos up of 1-2-3-4 month pregnant women and I look like im at least 3 months. Note I’m a very thin girl around 100 pounds. Ive been having insane cravings but wanting to cry from the pain in my stomach of frequent sickness and sensitive smelling. Do you think I could still be pregnant? Please help! and by the way!!!!!! I’m going to the doctor tomorrow I just cant sleep right now :(thank you.
A: You are still able to bleed when you’re pregnant. Go see your doctor because I believe that you are. You should be getting checked up to make sure that everything’s ok. Best of luck 🙂
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