What month in pregnancy do you get an ultrasound

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An ultrasound is generally performed for all pregnant women at 20 weeks gestation. Most women get ultrasounds earlier, though. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-month-in-pregnancy-do-you-get-an-ultrasound ]
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Can a teenage girl get a ultrasound 3 months into pregnancy?
Ultrasounds are typically done during the second trimester of pregnancy; some are done earlier if there are risk factors present.

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What do you think My chances of ttc this month are?
Q: Here’s my situation: I was on depo for about 4 years. I was off depo for over 12 months with no period, so my fertility dr. Put me on provera. Got a period and started clomid. First two months were at 50 mg, this month is 100mg. We are using preseed, bbt, opks, and bding regularly. I don’t really consider the first year of trying really trying since I never had a period. So technically we have been ttc for the past 3 months. This is the first month using preseed and bbt. I am expecting to ovulate early next week. The past two months we had sex when I thought I was ovulating but I actually ovulated later, so I believe that is why it didn’t result in pregnancy. I went for an ultrasound on day 15 and had one follicle at 16mm. My uterine lining was also thin so the dr. Prescribed me estrogen. I think this has been the most stressful month ever b/c the dr said that they don’t like to prescribe clomid after 4 months, so we should consider ivf. I just feel like we haven’t been trying long enough on the clomid since this is our first month of doing everything perfectly. Is there anyone out there waiting to ovulate? It might help if I had someone to share with. Also I have a very mild form of pcos with the only symptoms being cysts on my ovaries and weight gain. Do you think we will have a higher chance of conceiving this month if we do everything perfect? I would like to know of your experiences with pcos and clomid as well if you’re willing to share. Thanks for listening!! Nicole
A: no one can tell you this every woman has only a 25% chance of getting pregnant evey month
Is it normal to feel faint and dizzy during your 9th month of pregnancy?
Q: I am 37 weeks along and I have had a normal pregnancy so far, nothing out of the ordinary! Today I was at work and mind you I have a laid back job I sit at a comfy leather chair and just really laid back atmosphere.. I ate a huge breakfast and had lots of water and even my daily apple before 10 AM and than all the sudden as if out of nowhere I felt sick to my stomach.. and I mean sick sick like I was going to vomit right there.. and than I got lightheaded … that lightheadedness turned into just plain old I’m going to pass out feeling. I have never felt it that bad.. the whole room was spinning and I thought I was going to literally drop to the ground.. I went to my dr’s on lunch and as soon as I walk into the dr.s room than she had to go deliver a baby and she had another one so I couldn’t see her at all today … but when I was there they checked my urine and my blood pressure and everything looked fine.. I’m back in the office I ate some food and I’m feeling better now it will come slightly and I just close my eyes and it goes away but it just worried me how bad it really got at that time.. Because I know that some is normal which I experience all the time.. But that was NOT normal. .. What do you think.??? Do you think I should be concerned… with how i’m feeling ok now I feel like maybe I don’t need to be seen tomorrow since the problem should be gone by then and I have an ultrasound on Wed .. But I just want to know what that was all about.. !!!
A: If your urine and blood pressure checked out fine, it’s nothing to be too worried about. The reason it may have gotten bad could have been the way you were sitting in your chair, the baby could have been putting pressure on your vena cava which could cause you to feel that way, much like what happens when laying on your back in bed this far along in pregnancy.
How early does pregnancy show up on an ultrasound?
Q: The reason I ask is 2 weeks ago I had an ultrasound to check for cysts on my ovaries to confirm I have PCOS (I’ve known for years but never had an ultrasound). Since yesterday my breasts have been hurting so bad, never hurt like this before. But I’m thinking, if I was pregnant they would have been able to see it in that ultrasound, right? And if I had gotten pregnant after that it would be way too early for symptoms. I know it’s not AF coming because it’s too early. My cycles are all over the place because of PCOS, but I’ve been taking Metformin for a little over a month and they seem to be getting shorter. I know I’m probably thinking about it too much, I just can’t help it sometimes! What do you think?I had both types of ultrasound
A: Hi Cristina!I believe that the sac wouldn’t really show up on the ultrasound until about 6 weeks pregnant. I really hope you are pregnant!!! Keep me updated!
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