What percentage of pregnant women have a miscarriage

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As many as 30 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, half of them before the woman even realizes she is pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-percentage-of-pregnant-women-have-a-miscarriage ]
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What kind of medicine can cause pregnant women miscarriage??
Please talk to a doctor or somebody else who is trained to deal with this. Do NOT try and do it by yourself. It’s too risky. :-/
How many women have gotten pregnant right away after a miscarriag…?
I got pregnant in Feb 08, miscarried in May 08, actually Mar 08, but I had a missed miscarriage. I got pregnant again in Aug 08, and gave birth to my beautiful daughter in May 09. I had a great pregnancy, no complications with the baby or a…
Does Metformin lower the miscarriage risk in pregnant women with …?
yes it does, that is what i have read. it reduces the risk to that of any other woman who does not have pcos. “a recent study from Cairo University in Egypt suggests that metformin may actually be beneficial by reducing the risk of mis…

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What are some causes of a miscarriage?
Q: I am 7 weeks pregnant and I am soooo paranoid about having a miscarriage. I am taking prenatals and eating healthy. I am pretty much doing everything the doctor’s said but im still so paranoid. Is it normal to be this paranoid? What are some other causes of miscarriage? Also, are there any statistics on what percentage of women have had a miscarriage? Thanks in advance!
A: Its normal…I was very parnoid still somewhat paranoid and this is not my first so at least you have an excuse lol. Miscarriage mostly happen from genetic abnormalities that you cant do anything about…the can also happen due to the mothers health and odd shaped uterus. You cant avoid it…you can try to stay as healthy as you can like dont drink, smoke, or do anything like that because that increases the chances of miscarriage. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage…but if got to confirm it you are doing good…if you get to see a heartbeat on the sonogram…get to 12 weeks and hear the heartbeat on a doppler the chances for way down 1-3% chance of miscarriage after 12 weeks. So just keep doing what your doing you will be okay. Most pregnancy losses occur before a women even knows shes pregnant.
What percentage of women do you think are as fertile as Michelle Duggar is?
Q: The woman is 43 and got pregnant with her 19th child while she was still breastfeeding her 18th child who was 6-8 months old at the time. She’s actually gotten pregnant 20 times if you count her first miscarriage (which she blamed on birth control). She might have also had other miscarriages, which is likely if you’ve been pregnant 20 times already. I’ve heard that the average 40 year old woman has only a 5% chance of getting pregnant with each ovulation cycle, after 40 the chance is even less than 5%.My grandmother had 9 kids (2 died in childhood) and my great-grandmother had more than 12 I think (quite a few died in childhood), so I guess it’s not that impossible if you start at around age 20 and live a lifestyle where you are not surrounded by chemicals and hormones. I still think it is bizarre for any woman to have 19 kids.
A: I actually don’t think there are that many women out there that could have that many children. With so many women out there trying new birth control every year and not knowing what it is doing to your body, more women are coming up infertile or with infertility problems after they decide to come off the birth control to start having children they find it takes them a year or more to get back their period or for them to ovulate. Second infertility is on the rise too. Many women, more than most people realize have PCOS a condition that makes most who have it hard to have children. My father has 13 brothers and sisters kind of the norm in the midwest for that time. my grandmother married at 15 too!
What are my chances of having a miscarriage?
Q: I thought all the worries were behind me. I am 28 weeks pregnant and I just want to be reassured that there is very little chance that I could have a miscarriage this late in pregnancy. What percentage of women actually have miscarriages this late in pregnancy? Also, what is the percentage of women having healthy pregnancies and than having a stillborn? My doctor has told me that everything is progressing great in my pregnancy, I just can’t help but always feel like something bad will happen to me. I want this baby so bad and I want him to be healthy and for me to be a good mom. Serious answers only!
A: Chances are very low! I am also 28 weeks pregnant and i have miscarried before so it has always been a big concern of mine that something bad will happen. But i am confident my baby will be fine and he will be healthy, i just think positive and when in doubt i go buy baby stuff, that always cheers me up or i listen to his heart beat on my heart monitor that i bought off E-Bay! Hearing his heart beat puts my mind at ease and all the doctors have told me he is very happy in my tummy because he has a good strong heart beat. I cant wait to have him though so he is finally here in my arms so i can protect him and make sure he is ok! It will be fine we are nearly there, just take it easy. If you ever want to chat or anything this is my email address [email protected] It would be nice to have someone to talk to that is due around the same time as me. Best of luck with your baby! and dont stress bub will be fine!
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