What religion is the Duggar family on TV

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The Duggars are Evangelical Christians. Michelle’s been pregnant for over 135 months (and counting!) of her life. ChaCha!!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-religion-is-the-duggar-family-on-tv ]
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What religion are the Duggar family of the reality-TV show ’18 Ki…?
・ They are Independent Baptists. They watch TV but not a lot, and they do have a computer. I know this … ・ The Duggars also are associated with a Conservative Christian movement called Quiverfull. Quiverfull …
What qualifies the Duggar family to have a television show, and i…?
no it’s not. they have commercial rental properties (and they say this in the opening credits sequence on every show) and they own property that has a cell tower that a few different companies rent. they are very wise with their spending …

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What religion are the Duggar family and how do they financially provide for 17 children?
Q: The Duggars are a family with 17 or maybe 18 children in America. I watch them on TV sometimes and often wonder about the question above.
A: They are Christians and well i hear they don’t buy new stuff, they make their clothes, they’re homeschooled, they have good real estate careeers…but all of that is crap. because they are putting the privacy of all their children on tv which you know HAS to be paying them SOMETHING! i think its absolutely ridiculous that while they “don’t believe in TV or internet in their home” they are using those exact means to show off their family and make money. who cares that you have 18 kids!?! that’s your own dumb fault for contributing to the over-population that we have right now.so what if you are teaching them morals and how to live successfully… it’s all on them when they leave the nest. and how will they be successful when they leave the nest if they are all homeschooled with no reach out to the modern world through the news on TV or even the internet? It is completely selfish of these parents to use their family to become popular in the media’s eyes. and for those of you who say who cares, it’s their own business… they put it out there for us to ridicule when they start letting the media make continuous sequels and follow their family around each time they add another “bundle of joy”The Duggars are conservative Baptists who endorse the Quiverfull movement.The children watch very little television and their internet usage is strictly monitored. The children are home-schooled using a mix of materials, including those of Switched On Schoolhouse, IBLP (produced by Christian teacher Bill Gothard), and Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). Dating is not forbidden but the parents would much rather prefer that their children would go through courtship (which requires the young man to seek permission from the girl’s father to begin the relationship, even if both parties are adults) however, the children are given the choice to decide for themselves. All meetings between the engaged couple include a chaperone, and they believe in abstaining from affection and intimacy, up to and including kissing, until marriage.The Duggars raise their children using a buddy system, in which an older sibling assists the younger sibling in daily tasks. According to Michelle, “They help them with their little phonics lessons and games during the day and help them practice their music lessons. They will play with them or help them pick out the color of their outfit that they want to wear that day, and just all of those types of things. However, charity and donations of food and household appliances provide in large part for their lifestyle
Duggar family a hoax?
Q: what do u think about the duggar family a family with 18 kids and another one on the way they have famous tv show called 18 kids and counting and a very conservative religion wat do you think about their religion and lifestyle and do you think that it is an act for the show for money and publicity are they not that religious???? i love and respect their family and their show and personnaly i don’t think its fake but wat do u guys think leave a comment NO BAD WORDS OR INAPPROPRIATE COMMENT PLEASE.
A: My daughter goes ot school with baptist girls who have to wear skirts only they change into pants when they get to school, I do not know if they have lots of brothers and sisters but I do know women in my churhc have lots of kids if they feel God has laid it on their heart to have big families. We have two families that have 8 kids and one with 12.What I do hate is to see Kate form john and kate plus 8 say thats he has stopped going to churhc, well no wonder her marriage has come to an end…and the duggars has not.
As parents, what do you guys think of the Duggar family?
Q: As parents what do you guys think of that Duggar family?I haven’t seen much of them-just an episode of their tv show, some interviews and I just finished looking at their website.Overall I think they seem like a nice, and happy family. And I admire how organized they are! In my opinion though, it does seem as though the older kids do a LOT of the work. I’m definitely all for all kids in every household helping around the house and with younger siblings. But I do think it’s a bit unfair that the older children have to spend their mornings teaching their siblings, every day, because that’s really not their job.I’m also confused about how they learn much. Obviously the things a 5yo should be studying and a 12yo should be studying are completely different, so how does she teach all of them together?It does seem like all the girls do the work..on the website it says a lot of things like “the girls help make dinner”, “the girls do the laundry” etc. What do the boys do?It also concerns me that they don’t seem to have much freedom in their decisions. What would happen if any of the children wanted to be mainstreamed schooled? Or decided not to follow a religion anymore? Or if they didn’t want to have to teach their siblings?But they do seem to manage very well and they seem like a happy and loving family.What’s your take on them? :)Actually, the only thing that really upsets me is that none of the kids are going to college..they are just going into the family business. I think that’s so upsetting that they haven’t been raised with more freedom and open minds. But apart from those few things I posted before if it works for them then i’m happy for them
A: I do enjoy watching their show to see how they cope as such a large family. I have an aunt, through marriage, who has 14 brothers and sisters, she is the oldest, and she has a great relationship with all of her siblings. I have never heard her say anything negative about coming from a large family. I think it’s difficult for all of us to grasp because we aren’t in the situation, personally. I do agree with most of you in the fact that the older children do tend to do a lot of the raising of the younger siblings. It does seem as though the children don’t get a lot of freedom. As a matter of fact, Josh, the oldest just got married. When he’d go on dates with his [then] girlfriend, Anna, they had to have another sibling go along to “chaperone” the date so Josh and Anna wouldn’t do anything more than hold hands. That, to me, is not the freedom to have his/her own life. Sure, I’m all for abstinence, if that’s what you choose to do, but to have a younger sibling go along…come on! The children are the way they are because of their parents. They aren’t told anything different than what their parents tell them. I’m sure if someone tried to tell them something different, they’d be open minded to the idea but still believe what their parents say is right or wrong. Having 18+ children is NOT for me. All in all, the Duggars seem to be a very happy, healthy and functional family so kudos to them for being able to be that way!~_~
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