What should I do I accidentally got a girl pregnant

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Take responsibility of your actions and be a GREAT father to that little bundle of joy, he/she will need you! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-i-accidentally-got-a-girl-pregnant ]
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Is Plan B a good medicine if you think you accidentally got a gir…?
Plan B is about 75% effective if used within the first three days. It is better the sooner you take it though. I recommend it for you for sure! Best of luck, be careful in the future! You can get it at planned parenthood (but she will have …
How does one explain to his Best Girl that he accidentally got hi…?
Stephen K. does make a pretty valid argument. Stephen K. also looks undeniably feminine.
Do fathers warn their sons about girls who “accidently”…?
My ex husband never had the talk with our son … I know because I asked our son. We talked about it often … but it was not limited to a discussion about “accidental” pregnancies. But my son also has 3 older sisters who were nev…

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I have a pregnant rat??!?!?!??! how many babies does an average rat have?
Q: Okay..how many babies does a rat have? This is her first time, I got her on june 3rd when she was really little, so shes not full grown. The thing is I got a girl and a boy and kept them together too long. So shes accidentally pregnant.What should I do to make sure she stays alive? How many babies am I gonna end up with?
A: On average you may get 8-12 babies.. of course you may get more or less. Just make sure that once the babies are born you separate the babies. Ratties can reproduce as young as 5 weeks old so make sure the boys go in with dad at about 4 1/2 weeks so you don’t have more “oops” litters!
Re-post: I’m pregnant, again. But, I only 19! What should I do?
Q: So, I accidentally got pregnant when I was 17. And when I went to have my little girl, there was so many complications, and she almost died in the birth canal and I almost stopped breathing. The doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to conceive another child, because my ovaries were, like, destroyed. In November ’09 I missed my period. In December, I missed it. I took 5 pregnancy tests and 3 were positive, 2 were negative. I went to the doctor, and I am, indeed 19 and pregnant with a second baby.I really don’t think that I am ready for a second child. I don’t think I can handle it.But, then again… it might be the only chance I have of giving my little girl (who is 2 years old) a little brother or sister.My boyfriend doesn’t know what to do. He told me that he’s okay with whatever decision I make.But, I don’t know whether I should keep this baby or give her/him up for adoption.Should I get an abortion?It’s already hard taking care of one child, let alone two! Help me. Please, tell me what to do.Amy.
A: As a mum of 4 children you can do it might see like a shock now but you will manage and you have a supportive boyfriendyou don’t know what you want and my advice is to talk to your doctor about all options they will be the best source of Information regarding all of Your situation
My life is screwed what should i do?
Q: basically, i ruined my life by accidentally getting this girl pregnant in a different country. She was an x girlfriend of mine and her family knows my family so i doubt she is lying, however theres always the possibility that it is not my kid. anyways we used a condom but somehow she missed her period and took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. So now i have no idea what i should do. My parents are gonna freak out and kick me out of the house when they find out this happened because they warned me several times about this kind of thing happening. Sooo basically i am going to have to move out, on top of that im gonna have to pay tuition which alone is like 4000 dollars a semester. so my question is, what should i do? I dont want to be together with this girl because we have some major differences, and plus that would mean me having to move to a country where i have nothing and where ill have to start over, in a bad economy worse than in the USA. Do you think that taking out some student loans would be a good idea? I know i messed up bad, and i know i should have thought about this before, but i cant really do anything about the fact that she is pregnant anymore, so please just some advice would be good.well thats basically what im trying to do buddy! im trying to grow up, but do u think its easy getting a good job right now?? no so thats why im in school and i want to stay in school so the kid wont be poor like i was growing up.o and to the single dad, yea im obviously staying at home because i am a student. I cant go to school full time and work full time. If I wasnt in school I wouldn’t be living with my parents. My parents arent rich enough to just pay for my tuition and rent, just so i can go to school, thats why im staying at home.to tiana marie, who r u to judge whos good enough to be a father for their kid? you dont know half of the situation and yet you cast out judgement like you’re perfect. It just shows how immature you still are. I just hope you don’t instill that immaturity in your future kid.
A: no its not just cause that test said she was pregnant doesn’t mean she is she needs to go get blood work done and see what those test come out as and their is a possibility shes irreagular meaning she misses periods sometimes most importantly dont spin its not over yet take the advice iv givin u and apply it and let me no how it goes
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