What should I do if I get a woman pregnant

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If you get a woman pregnant, you should support her and the baby. It’s important to take care of your responsibilities. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-if-i-get-a-woman-pregnant ]
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What should I do if I get a woman pregnant
If you get a woman pregnant, you should support her and the baby. It’s important to take care of your responsibilities.
How do i get pregnant? woman’s touch.
A woman becomes pregnant through sexual intercourse or other sexual activities when sperm from the man travels up through the woman’s vagina and into her uterus. Pregnancy occurs when a sperm fertilizes an egg in the woman and this living h…
What can I get for a pregnant woman?
if she’s not registered then get her a gift card and let her pick something she like other then getting her something someone already got her

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What is the most weight a pregnant woman should lift?
Q: In my last question I stated that I might be pregnant. I did some heavy lifting this weekend and got really tired after i was done, when normaly i wouldnt have. I’m just wondering if maybe being pregnant would cause that…and if so whats the most weight i should lift?
A: no more than 20 lbs. depending on how far along you are. if you are like 4-9 months, you shouldnt be lifting anything.
What should a pregnant woman’s activity be if she is only resting the whole day?
Q: First time mom, age 32,I’m 20 weeks & 5 days pregnant, not working at all. at home lying down most of the time,does very little of work in the house, eats less as no much appetite. Would like to know if this kind of routine will affect me in the later stages of pregnancy & after delivery, if yes what changes should i get done?
A: My doctor told me that I shouldn’t change my activity level from what it was beforeI was pregnant unless their is a problem. Don’t be so concerned with how much weight your gaining and try to overdo it or become a total couch potato neither option is good. Just try your best to keep up with the activity level that you had before you were pregnant. It will help with your appetite ( so long as you keep it healthy most of the time) and your energy will go up and you will feel better
Pro-lifers, should a pregnant woman have any rights?
Q: I understand you think that a pregnant woman should not have a constitutional right to make decisions about her body because she carries an unborn fetus, but shouldn’t it be taken a step further?Should a pregnant woman be criminally liable for child endangerment for doing drugs?How about for taking a sip of alcohol?Should a pregnant woman be forced to undergo a caesarian section or other invasive surgery just because a doctor says it’s “necessary” to “save the life of the baby”, even if she objects?What if she objects on religious grounds?Should police be permitted to enter a pregnant woman’s home unannounced to make sure she’s not drinking any alcohol?If the Fourth Amendment no longer applies once a woman gets pregnant, then shouldn’t additional measures be taken to protect the life of the unborn fetus, even at the expense of the mother’s privacy and bodily integrity? Where do you draw the line, if you draw it at all?Ms. Lady: Some courts do not permit doctors to perform procedures over religious objections of the patient. See In re Baby Boy Doe, an Illinois Appellate Court decision, or In re Baby Brown, from the same jurisdiction.
A: ________________________ <– there is my line. I draw it in the sand so that it is easily washed away. I think abortion is wrong because I love babies. I really dont base the choice on my religion. I think there are also some circumstance that warrant an abortion. Do I think it should be used as a general form of birth control? no! I also think that mothers who do drugs and severely F*** up their babies should also get in trouble (to my knowledge they do have their children taken away and get court ordered through rehab etc). They deserve that, for the health of their baby and themself. Research does show however that a glass of wine a day or every once in a while can be beneficial.
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