What should I do if my girlfriend is pregnant and 14

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Tell someone you trust that your 14 year old girl friend is pregnant. Also make sure she goes to the doctor.helpline 1866-942-6466 [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-if-my-girlfriend-is-pregnant-and-14 ]
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What should an 18-year-old do if his 14-year-old girlfriend is pr…?
Well I’m going out with a 27-year-old, and I’m 14. I sort of live with him as well as my mom. He’s met my mom, and she likes him and says hes a nice boy. I might be pregnant but because I’m so younger I don’t know what to do. So if I was th…
Can a 17 teen year old boy get married to his 14 year old pregnan…?
Yes you can only if your parents and her parents give you permission and say its okay and they sign the legal documents
Can a 20-year-old and his pregnant 14-year-old girlfriend go to G…?
Yes you can go to Georgia and get married. You will need a doctors note proving the pregnancy with the due date. What ever county you get your license in you will have to marry in so check around for a place to get married in Georgia before…

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I’m 14 and my girlfriend is pregnant. What should I do?
Q: I’m 14 and my girlfriend is pregnant, how should I break it to my parents? What should I do about supporting the baby? What if my parents throw me out? As you can see, im freaking out! If anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.
A: First make sure that your girlfriend is pregnant, make her take a blood test, second how old is she? third I believe that you have to tell your parents, I am sure they love you and will probably support you in this tough time. You have to finish school and the only way to do that is with your parents help. I got pregnant when I was 17, starting college, not as young as you but was really nervous on how to tell my parents, very catholic, so I went to my mothers best friend and asked her to tell her and gave her the blood test results, my parents supported me all the way, I am now a college graduate, finishing my Masters in Chemistry, my boyfriend and father of my 6 year old son is finishing his Doctorate degree in Pharmacy, and my son is great I love him with all my heart. Please talk to your parents and ask them to help you, and show them how sorry you are and make sure they know that you know that you made a mistake but that you will take responsibility for it. Best of Luck, and remember our children are the most beautiful thing in the world, and will be with you always. Consider yourself lucky, irresponsible sex can lead to far worst things that getting someone knocked up.
what should i do if my girlfriend is pregnant and im only 14?
A: is this a joke? cause if it is its not funny.
my son’s girlfriend is pregnant, should I press charges for statutory rape?
Q: Hi,My son is 14, and he just turned 14 about a month ago. Anyway, he told me yesterday that his girlfriend is pregnant, and of course, he’s the father. His “girlfriend” is 17 years old. He told me awhile back toward the end of summer that he was dating a girl and she was 17, and obviously I wasn’t crazy about it, but I have bigger things to worry about with his older sister, so I didn’t really do anything about it.I figured it was going to be a stupid teen, puppy love fling. Well, it turned into more than that now. So, I don’t know what to do really. He said they’re 100% sure she is pregnant, he’s definitley the father, and she’s definitly keeping the baby. I didn’t know that my son was sexually active, but I’m not surprised really. I asked him if he used condoms and he said they did at first, then she went on some other form of birth control so they stopped using condoms. I told him that a very expensive and long lasting lesson has been learned.Anyway, in our state the age of consent is 17, so technically if i push for it, this girl can be charged with statuory rape (even though, if anyone has any experience dealing with 14 year old boys, they’ll know that my son was surely not “raped” in the sense of the word, he was more than happy to go along consentually). My sister really wants me to press charges just cause she’s so mad at this girl, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. I mean, the damage is done, what will pressing charges accomplish?What do you think?Thanks
A: I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll end up losing both your son and your grandchild. It’s not worth it.I’m sorry for the loss of your sons childhood but there’s nothing to be done now except try to be supportive.
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