What should I do with my pregnant brother

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Sell him to science, a pregnant male would be worth a lot of money! Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-with-my-pregnant-brother ]
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What is the best way to tell my bf that I’m pregnant with his bro…?
Just be honest, but gentle. And give him lots of time to cool off after.
If my girl dog gets pregnant by my boy dog, her brother. What wil…?
Genetically this could lead to disaster. Inbreeding is discouraged among pets for the following reasons, according to Wikipedia: * reduced fertility both in litter size and sperm viability * increased genetic disorders * fluctuating facial …
Is it safe if your girl dog had been pregnant by her brother dog??
That depends. It is never a good idea to allow brothers and sisters to mate and produce offspring. This is known as inbreeding and leads to genetic loss of information and frequently to genetic defects. However, it depends if your dogs are …

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i think our 11 mnth old chihua is pregnant by her brother what should we do?
Q: i feel really bad i dont want anything to be wrong with the puppy or anything to happen to reese. i told my daughter to watch her closely because she took reese everywhere she went and when we realized she was in heat i guess is was too late.
A: Send her to W. Virginia. (kidding)Get her spayed. Physical or temperamental issues aren’t worth forcing upon this world in the event of an accidental pregnancy like this.Sorry. Stuff happens. Do the right thing. Abort/spay.
I’m PREGNANT with my BROTHER IN-LAW should I Abort or keep the baby and pretend it’s my husband’s?
Q: This is a bad situation.My brother in-law & I have been sleeping together for a year now.We both agree that we are wrong and sinned BIG time.Now I’m 4 weeks pregnant with my brother-in-law’s child. We don’t know what to do.We know abortion is not right but the situation we are in MAY call for it.Our two options: (1) Have an Abortion so we can spare my husband & he will never know or (2) Keep the baby & pretend it’s my husband’s.My brother-in-law & my husband look very much alike.The ONLY problem with this is,my brother-in-law says he will always know that it’s his child if we keep the baby. He might ONE DAY want the child for himself. He says he would feel guilty seeing another man,even his own brother, raising his child. Any advice on keeping or abort?The brother-in-law is getting sick about because he sees my husband everyday. They are both lawyers & have a law practice business together.My brother in-law has been married for just 1 year> i have been married for 3 yrs. I don’tOUR HISTORY:4 yrs ago i met my brother-in-law and we liked eachother we did not pursue eachtoher at all. We kissed once(before i started dating my husband) and to this day no one knows. His brother(my husband) expressed interest in me and we ended up dating and marring a year later. I guess my brother-in-law and I had always wondered(which was wrong) what could have been had we pursued eachother. I think this is what led to us chaeting and sleeping together for a year. My brother-in-law has always had Girlfriend while he was having an affair with me and we were both fine with that. He got married last year to her.I do not have kids with my husband yet because we wanted to wait. We are more worried about my husband than his wife because that’s his brother. He says he could explain to his new wife and maybe she can forgive him & if she doesn’t she can divorce. Our main concern now are how his parents and family be if this came out. HELP
A: How about telling the truth and facing the consequences. It’s sad that there is a child involved in this stupidity. Don’t abort; it’s not the child’s fault you couldn’t keep your legs closed.
pregnant, should i tell my family now?
Q: After 3 1/2 years of trying, my husband and I finally got pregnant with medication (metfmormin) last June. We had a beautiful baby in Feb, but unfortuneatly, he was a stillborn. Our entire family was devasted. 2 months later (in april) we found out my brother in law (my sister’s husband) has a brain tumor which they operated on and found out it was cancerous.. The entire family was devasted again and we are still trying to suck it up… I have taken 3 pregnancy test and they all came out positive. This time i took NO medication. It’s just been a blessing from our son that passed away, maybe he sent this baby that is on the way. The ONLY one that knows is my husband. Everybody was praying that i’d get pregnant soon and it did, however we never expected this Cancer thing to come into our family. I don’t know if I should tell me family that i am pregnant . I don’t want them to keep things away from me now that I am pregnant and don’t want to worry me. i don’t know what to do. plz help.we also have a 5 year old boy (he will be 6 next month). we haven’t told him either.. he was excited about our 2nd son coming and then found out he is now in heaven.
A: You should tell your family and especially your son. This is a blessing from God and should be treated as such. Your good news can do nothing to hurt your family, but should help your family to find some joy in this difficult time. Even if you were to have another stillborn child, you should be grateful for the opportunity to carry that little child and let him know that you are his mother and that you love him. That time is precious, even if it is short. Your family might find grief in the loss of any loved one, your last child, your brother-in-law, or your new pregnancy, but they deserve the opportunity to share in that love, if it ends in grief or in joy. They will want to know.I hope this little child lives to bring you and your family joy and happiness.
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