What should I eat if I’m pregnant

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Fish oil is a good idea, along with generally healthy foods like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Good luck and ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-eat-if-i%27m-pregnant ]
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Eating while your pregnant is the most important thing that you can do for your baby. Your baby depends on you to help make their start in life successful. Stay away from alcohol and drugs.
You can eat what you would normally eat. A healthy balanced diet with fresh vegetables that contains enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins is best. Avoid alcohol and smoking as excessive amounts of alcohol and regular s…
You just need to eat a variety of foods that are healthy. You might hear stories about eating X will help with this, or help with that. Maybe be true… but the most important thing is to just eat a balanced diet every day. Instead of eatin…

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I’m pregnant- What should I eat when nothing sounds good but I’m starving?
Q: I’m about 11 weeks pregnant and have lost about 5 lbs so far– I started out at 118 and I’m 5’7″ so I can’t really afford to lose anymore weight. Sometimes I just can’t find anything that really sounds good… even if I’m so hungry that I puke. I can’t eat any veggies or salads or ground beef or anything too creamy or smelly lol… And when I’m starving and try to eat something that does sound good, I can only eat a little bit or I feel like I just stuffed a huge watermelon in my stomach. I’ve also been snacking on dry cereal (like cheerios since its enriched with tons of vitamins) since I can’t take my vitamins. Do you know of any other foods that are enriched like that?Thanks :)(oops lol I just realized that I posted this on my husbands account with his picture)
A: why cant you take vitamins???you need veggies …better rethink the vitamins…..you need to talk to you doctor ….
What should I eat if I’m very early pregnant?
Q: Are there any particular nutrients that I should get more of if I’m very early pregnant? I’ve heard peanut butter and orange juice, but I don’t know for sure. I’ve been taking aprenatal vitamins for 6 months, so that’s not a worry.
A: As long as your usual diet is healthy it is fine to stick to that. Just make sure you are getting lots of calcium for the baby’s bone devlopment (good sources include dairy foods, spinach, baked beans, sardines, salmon and tofu) and Omega 3 for brain development, the best source is oily fish such as sardines and salmon. You should look into what fish it is safe to eat during pregnancy in your country. I am from Australia and I know from when I was pregnant that sardines, tuna, salmon and canned fish are fine but mercury levels vary in different countries and you should limit your intake of fish to 2-3 times per week, regardless.Foods to avoid include raw/rare meats/ fish (sushi), cold deli meats, foods from salad bars, soft serve ice cream, raw eggs or any food containing raw eggs, soft cheeses and fish that contain high levels of mercury.
Do You Think That I Am Pregnant? Please Help?
Q: Okay, I obviously know that nobody can know accurately on here, but please tell me your opinion. I’m 18 years old. Two months ago, I went on an adventure alone to France for one month. While I was there I met a guy who I fell in love with and towards the end of my trip, we had sex, but it was unprotected. I broke things off with him as I knew that a long distance relationship would be extremely difficult. I wasn’t on birth control or anything when I went to France because I wasn’t expecting to find a man, I was there for sightseeing. So, on average I weigh about 116 or 117 pounds, I’m 5’7. Over the past month, I’ve gained 7 pounds which is extremely unusual as I go for an hour run every morning, go to the gym twice a week, and eat healthy. I’ve tried losing the weight, but there’s been no change.I’m late for my period, which is unusual too. I’ve also been getting nauseous a lot and I haven’t been sick like that since I was three years old. Certain foods make me feel nauseous, also unusual. I’m also peeing frequently…Most of you are probably thinking “Go see an effing doctor!” trust me, I could if I would. My mom is a doctor at the same clinic I go to, and she is also friends with all the doctors around the city. Even though I would ask for my results and even the trip in to the doctors to stay confidential, then there’s bills, and again she’s friends with them etc… somehow word would get out. I’m really afraid of what my mom’s reaction would be, therefore I’m uncomfortable sharing my theories until I’m 110% sure.I would buy one of those quickie tests, but they’re not always accurate which scares me, plus again my mom would find out, she’d find a receipt, the box, or she’d catch me in the act, I don’t know.So I really need honest opinions here. I’m in 12th grade, I just turned 18 four days ago. If I’m pregnant, I’m not comfortable with abortion, and I’m not sure how I feel about giving the child up for adoption either, but that’s my personal decision so yeah…Also, should I contact my ex-boyfriend? I realize there’s not much he can do, I’m not expecting him to do anything but I feel he should probably know what’s going on, or else things could get messy.Thanks.
A: Wow, where do I begin…oh my.Well it sounds like you are pregnant. Well here is the thing, I would get some cash and buy a test they are pretty accurate buy two just to be sure, go into a restaurant or a big retail outlet somewhere like debenhams with toilets, sit take the test. i guess the result will determine what happens next.I respect your views on abortions a child is a blessing there are far worst things. Also get tested, for STDs you dont have to use your real name try going some where far from home.Pregnancy is not something that can stay hidden for long if you are pregnant, especially if your mother is a doctor. so hurry up!Your mother might suprise you.All the best.
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