What should not be done while pregnant

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Best to avoid drinking, smoking, illegal drugs, non-doctor prescribed drugs, junk food, Xrays, aspirin, and some others. Chacha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-not-be-done-while-pregnant ]
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What do/dont u regret not doing while u were pregnant??
My husband was away almost my entire pregnancy (military) so there are so many things we/I missed out on. It’s not really a regret because I didn’t have a choice in the manner. While he was gone I got kinda depressed and didn’t go out and d…
What to do to not get pregnant while doing sex?
you must use a condomn or the female use the birthcontrol pill.

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Things you should and should not do while pregnant.?
Q: Hi =). My husband and I are trying to conceive. And I was wanting to have some helpful tips from mothers or moms-to-be, so I can try to prepare myself as much as I can. What are the things you SHOULD do while pregnant? And what are the things you SHOULD NOT do while pregnant? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance =]
A: Do:Eat a well balanced diet in small, frequent mealsDrink plenty of fluidsTake prenatal vitamins (if you have trouble digesting them, you can take Flinstones chewables… take these even before you conceive, too, to boost the folic acid in your system)Do some light exercise (walking, etc.)See your ob/gyn as soon as you find out you are pregnantAim to gain about 25 pounds during the pregnancyUse the time to educate yourself-What to Expect When You’re Expecting and What to Expect in the First Year are great books!Be close to a bathroom at all times, you never know when the baby will sit on your bladder! :)Enjoy the pregnancy, and try not to stress yourself out too much-the baby can sense that.Don’t:IF you smoke, do not quit cold turkey. Ease into quitting or at least cut down the amount per day.Expose yourself to secondhand smokeDrinkDo drugsTake any medication not approved by your ob/gynRide rollercoastersEat cold deli meats (most people aren’t made sick by cold meats, but pregnant women and fetuses are susceptible to the bacteria they may carry)-Heat them to steaming hot and you should be fine.Dye your hair (though this is debated by some in the medical community… better safe than sorry)Go tanningI there are probably more tips in my mind, I just can’t dig them out 🙂
What kind of specific exercise regiment should be done while pregnant?
Q: Background: The mother to be is 5 weeks (at the most) pregnant. This will be her second child. She is 28 years old, 5’8 and 140-ish lbs. She is not overweight and has no medical problems that would limit her activities. She does not partake in any sort of exercise program at all. I recently got a puppy so shes been walking him for a little while a day, but that’s about it. I know there are 100’s of sites with info you can google about this, but I’m looking for more personalized answers, and things people have done that have worked. I was considering the “Wii Fit” but I am not really sure how it all works as of yet. Thanks ahead for all the answers.
A: Well, she can definitely walk.Walking is the safest and the most suitable exercise for pregnant woman because it doesn’t cause jarring, jerking or intense pounding on her knees, legs and joints.Walk for 30 mins per session, 3-4 times per week, to work on her heart and lungs and to get her blood circulating better. These 3 are beneficial to her and the baby.Then if she loves swimming, that’s another excellent exercise for her because the bouyant property of the water will make her weightless in water and she will have an easy time exercising her limbs, arms and in fact all her muscle groups, with the resistance provided by the water.You can have a more comprehensive info on pregnancy and exercise here: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/pregnancy-exercises.html
Dizziness While pregnant should i be worried?
Q: I brought up to my doctor that i had been getting dizzy spells alot lately and have been extremely tired ( and i say extremely because i have been pregnant twice before and not felt like this and i was working then.)I had a little bit of nasal congestion so he wanted to wait till i got over that before we checked for anything. But now 3 weeks later i am all cleared up and still getting some wicked dizzy spells.I drink crap tons of water since thats all i drink ( something like 10 water bottles a day or so) and i eat about every 3 hours not huge meals but a snack between meals. I have never been soo dizzy and tired before. Have you been like this during pregnancy and if so what was it and how did you treat it?Also i am 16 weeks pregnant and this just started about a month ago.My blood pressures have read thus far 110/70 and 120/90so right around normal.
A: i stay dizzy off an on all the time, i’m 16 weeks and this is my third child and i wasnt dizzy like this with either of my other two, i keep alot of head stuffiness even when i can still breathe my nose feels like its swollen on the inside so i try and blame it on that and not worry about it too much since i’m told all of those are common pregnancy issues, my blood pressure never runs that low though..its like 148/84 and my pulse always runs extremely high..like 110…i have a lot of shortness of breath already and i’m told its from hormones…just hang in there it cant last more than nine months..lol..and you sound like your doing good for yourself…water is the best thing for you when your pregnant!
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