What should you do if you get pregnant from a one night stand

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If you are pregnant from a one night stand, you need to decide if you’re going to keep the baby or not. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-you-do-if-you-get-pregnant-from-a-one-night-stand ]
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Can a girl get pregnant from a one night stand?
Yes. Often the decision to engage in sex as a one night stand is unplanned and unprepared. With neither person prepared for the sexual encounter, safe sex is often ignored in the heat of the moment, and pregnancy can easily result. That mov…
What would you do if you got a one night stand pregnant?
Get a job and get ready to pay child support. Your best bet is to get on Maury and ask for a DNA test. Tell the audience she’s a hoe and you got her on the first night of meeting her.
What ways are there to get pregnant without a one night stand??
A sperm bank is your only option. However, given the new laws in the UK requiring that donors cannot be anonymous, the availability of sperm is quite low. You may have to consider going to to another country for it. Talk to your gynecologis…

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Am I wrong for suggesting my husband to get a DNA test done on his alleged son from a previous one night stand?
Q: Ever since my husband and I have been together I have had a doubt that his alleged son is his, but have never mentioned anything. And when the mother of his son was not taking care of their son or providing a roof over his head I suggested we fight for custody. He agreed but when it came down to making the final steps he backed down and said that he rather not because his son is better off with his mom (not true!). So anyways that made my suspicion even stronger. Even though I didn’t say anything deep down I knew that he doesn’t want to do it because he truly never believed that he was father and how could he if it was just a one night thing and she didn’t tell him until she was 5 months pregnant. Not only that but now that we have a daughter together and as soon as I saw her when she was born I was truly convinced. Dude I mean she has almost everything from her dad, hands, toes, nose she basically is the spitting image of her father, but in a beautiful way. So again that made me suspect how is it that my daughter can look just like her dad, but his son looks 100% nothing like him. So anyway he did bring up the thought of wanting to do a DNA test to me so I said lets go to court and request that being that you’re already going through a visitation case and the mother didn’t agree with it and told her lawyer no way. Later on that evening she left him a message trying to sound like the victim and begging him to do it to think about their son. And now is constantly bugging him to not do a test. So then I got mad and told him just do the test and get it over with that way we know how to deal with this, his answer was that he is not ready and is scared. So basically it’s not happening right now. But my anger is that it doesn’t only involve him it involves my daughter and as far as myself I can’t raise my child in a lie and encourage a bond between his alleged son and my daughter if I don’t know the truth. So please tell me if I’m wrong for trying to get this DNA test over with, that way I know what to tell my daughter if she should ever question anything. Oh and F.Y.I. not only is it important to know the truth, but for medical reasons it should be done. So how do I confront my husband and make him understand this? Or is it simply not my business at all?
A: The test removes any questions that can linger and eat at you. It’s best to do them.
One Night Stand, Had Baby, Wants Child Support…?
Q: A friend of mine had a baby with a man she had been sleeping with occasionally. No Involvement other than that. She got pregnant and he said he didnt want anything to do with it from the beginning. He didnt even want her to keep it and claims its not his. Well the baby is 3 months old now and the mother is taking him to court for child support. They are having paternity tests done etc. My question is…. Do you think this is right? Im not sure what to think…. The moms lazy doesnt work doesnt wanna work and is taking this guy to court for child support when he had absolutely no interest in having a child with this woman. Now if he was willing to sign over all parental rights should he pay child support. Now I know your all gunna say he needs to take responsibilty, wear a condom etc. but whats done is done. Should he really be held responsible for booty calls from dare I say it. The Town WHORE! what are your honest opinions…. Im on the fence, On one hand I think its sad he wants nothing to do with the child, on the other I dont think she has the right to ask him for anything, I mean afterall she was just as irresponsible as him with the drunkin booty calls but SHE decided to keep this baby… So shouldnt she take responsibility? What are your thoughts?Thanks for all the answers…. I do feel bad for the baby… Hes the one thats going to suffer in the end having two a** wholes for parents…. Its a horrible world were living in!!! People should have to get a permit to reproduce…. sheez
A: The child support issues men face in this country are pretty bad.So many people have problems with “deadbeat” dads and all, but they never think or care that dads don’t really have a say when it comes to whether that baby is born or not.Granted, guys need to play it very safe and use any and all protection they can, but I truly think that women often take advantage and lie about contraception just for a “meal ticket”. They don’t want to work to support themselves, so they get knocked up and expect him to foot the bill. He doesn’t have any choice at all once she is pregnant as to whether she keeps the baby or not, and he also doesn’t have any say as to whether he pays or not. Signing over his rights can only work if she agrees to it, which, if she’s after his money, she won’t be ok with taking 100% responsibility for that child, financially.My husband was previously married for 4 years to a woman who said she was on birth control. Well turned out she wasn’t, just wanted a way to get out of living with her parents. He took responsibility and married her only to find out that she had serious mental issues (tried killing herself in front of their two small kids…yes they ended up with a second child) and he decided to divorce her. Well, now she is a single mom of two and he has to pay child support on kids that he never asked for and also has zero say in how they are raised (the oldest is now turning 6 this summer and mom isn’t putting her in kindergarten…yes kindergarten because she can collect more government money if the kid isn’t in school). He has tried taking her to court, he’s tried calling CPS, he’s tried reasoning with her, but she doesn’t listen. She also failed to claim her child support as income on her childcare forms for free daycare through DSHS and now they are coming after him for backpayments, like its his fault she lied on her forms.To me, a baby is a two way street. Mom and dad can support that baby together, but if for whatever reason that doesn’t work it needs to be 50/50. Mom needs to be required to work also. It takes two to tango but that doesn’t mean she should get a free ride.I just think men should have the same rights as women. If he doesn’t want a baby he should have a say in either abortion or adoption, why should women have all the power once that egg has been spermed? Same goes for abortion, if she wants an abortion and he doesn’t he should have a say.
Should I or Shouldn’t I? Find my Father!?
Q: I have always been mommies little girl. because that is all I’ve ever known. no my father didn’t die, or no they didn’t seperate. My mom went out one night and had a one night stand with a man who is my father. I was a surprise.. My mother didnt know she was pregnant until the night she went into labour. so Imagine that 21 years old your on second base at a base-ball game and you get horrible side pains, your best friend takes you to the ER you get checked out and the doctor says “APPENDICITIS” then a couple minutes later while your still in agonizing pain the nurse comes in a said ” MRS. MCKAY YOU ARE GOING INTO LABOUR” what do you do? So 9 months later after that one night stand at Percys Bar you find out your pregnant, you are shocked because you had you TOM and you didn’t have a belly! To this day My father doesn’t know I even exist, all I know about him is he was a hockey player from fort-coulonge quebec his name Robert Graveline. I asked my mom about him when I was 9 and we haven’t spoken about it since, I am 16 years old and I don’t know what to do . Should I ask her again, but when I do that she says “WHY. HE WAS JUST A SPERM DONOR” and then we fight and blah blah blah anyways or should I go behind her back and try to find him? I don’t know what to do. I want to meet and get to know him but apart of me doesnt because what if he isn’t what I am picturing and hoping for him to be. -please if you have any comments or your in the same situation please reply. I need help.
A: ok.now from what i have heard one someone is pregnant you no it. i am 14 and my real-dad left befor he even knew about me….. My mom had a one night stand with my dad and had me. she had my older brother and sister with my dad befor me….. i am 14 and i have wondered about my real-dad for along time, i have the chance in june to go see him…. i think you no in your heart what to do… i fight with my mom alot about this and my mom has also kept my real-dad and his family away from me and my sis and bro…. so i am now getting to see them for the first time in awhile….. that’s who is taking me and my older sis to go see him… i have choose this for my self not no one else, i am very nervous because my sis has seen him befor… not sure about my bro cause he died befor i was born. sooooo…. but anyway i can’t wait and i am nervouos, but i no if i don’t go see him now that i have a chance it will bug me and i will later on in life try to go see him and it will be to late…. so in my opinon i think you should see if what your mom says is true and you believe it is than i think you should try everything you can to see him just to meet him and if you want him to be in your life than so be it. but that’s just me… HOPE THIS HELPS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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