What should you not do if your pregnant

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When you are pregnant, you should not smoke, drink, do drugs, do heavy lifting, or change the litter box. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-you-not-do-if-your-pregnant ]
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What should you not do when your pregnant?
what you should not do is smoke,drink or any bad things like dye your hair have stress and lots of more no not were high heels or you might fall and hit your stomache many things
Can i take prenatal vitamins if i am not pregnant?
Prenatal vitamins are basically just vitamins so they can be taken whether you are pregnant or not and they will not affect you other than providing your body with vitamins. If you are planning on getting pregnant it is a good idea to start…
Lots of symptoms, just my breasts are NOT sore! Am I pregnant??
some people never have any symptoms, some people have them all and others have a combo, you dont have to have a specific symptom to be pregnant. sounds like you probably are though! congrats its time to take a test!

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What do u think, if your pregnant and single should you date or not date?
Q: Should single pregnant women date or not date, this has nothing to do with having sex it’s about pregnant ladies just dating or not. give your opinion and why!
A: Yeah, i think single pregnant women should go for it. As long as the guy is willing to accept the fact that you’re going to have a baby and that baby comes before him.
Should you take your pregnant cat to the vet?
Q: Is it really required? I insisted my dad to, but for some reason he isnt up with taking her. Idk if it’s money reasons or what. But I’ve done my research about the birthing of cats, and i am pretty confident that i can help her give birth. But should i talk my dad into taking her to the vet? If not, is it putting her at risk?
A: Cats have been giving birth with out the help of Vets for many years. You can help her, but if you can see she is having trouble them call the local Vet hospital and tell them what is going on with her and see what they tell you. Cats have natural instincts on birthing their young. Be sure to have water and food for the Momma and a quiet place for her to give birth( a towel or blanket in a box in the closet is usually what they like). If you have never witnessed this miracle you are in for a treat! It is truly amazing! Be gentle with the newborns. She will be very protective of them so keep other animals and people out of the closet or she will be tempted to move them to a hidden place you may not find them! Keep her well fed and hydrated so she can feed her babies.Call a Vet if you see any of the kittens not nursing at all or not moving around or mewing. Good Luck Mom!
what should you do if your dad found out your pregnant and hes not talking you?
A: i called my mom when my father kicked me out of my house. she flew from alberta canada to montana in less than a daytalk to your mom
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