What time is 16 and pregnant on tonight

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The season 2 premiere of 16 and pregnant is on at 10 pm eastern time tonight on MTV. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-time-is-16-and-pregnant-on-tonight ]
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What time is 16 and pregnant on tonight
The season 2 premiere of 16 and pregnant is on at 10 pm eastern time tonight on MTV.
What time does 16 and pregnant come on tonight in ks?
The show “16 and Pregnant” airs the episode ‘Farrah’ tonight at 8PM CT on MTV and at 9PM CT the episode ‘Whitney’ airs. ChaCha!
What time does the new 16 and pregnant start tonight?
All Times for 16 and pregnant are ET. 8:00PM,

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Are you going to watch the new season of “16 and pregnant”?
Q: I hate to admit that I love watching “16 and pregnant” and also “teen mom”. I myself am I teen mom but my life is nothing compare to the girls on the show. It seems so fake. I mean, how much drama can you have at such a short period of time (give or take 1-12 months). It sounds to me like some of the things are false just to make the show more exciting and shocking. I am 18 years old and have a 2 month old daughter, married, and still living with my husband’s parents. Sure life is hard with a new baby, finding a job and dealing with bills, but nothing compares to what those teen girls are experiencing. My husband and I do fight but we get over it. We come to an agreement and settle things in a mannerly fashion. We work together to make things work. It makes things alot easy for us and in the end we feel proud on how great of a job we are doing with raising our daughter.So I guess my question is… are you going to watch “16 and pregnant” tonight and do you believe that it is 100% true?
A: omg I thought it was coming on NEXT tuesday.. ugh i missed it. but yes I am going to watch it. although some of the girls annoy me bc like you said how much drama can you have in such a short period of time & ALL THE TIME!? I am 16 & have a 5 month old baby girl & I don’t have alot of drama. Sure me & my husband argue like any other couple but we get over it fast. We live pay-check-by-pay-check but we are really happy & have everything we need. We have our own apartment, pay our own bills, we graduated early, my husband works two part time jobs and I work full time at an insurance company, & take care of our baby on our own and we are only 16 & 17! I’m not trying to make it sound like being a teen mom is really easy bc it’s not but it’s not as hard as the show makes it seem. I’m pretty sure they have to exagerate it bc after all the show is to show teens that being a teen mom isn’t easy.
On Tonight’s episode of 16 and Pregnant?
Q: Omg that girl is so pretty and that guy just doesn’t seem right for her. WHY I ask WHY? I don’t mean to sound biased/sexist but it just seems that girls/women always settle for less. Why do us women always settle for less? And yes I know there are both young and they should have though 5 billion times about certain things but they didn’t..What do you think? He seems like such a jerk. And all the guys where on the previous episodes I’ve seen so far. Except one.*some typos, sorry…
A: well it especially happens in relationships between young people…..in general (not always) the first relationships in your life aren.t meant to last…..they are kinda like practice relationships….to get you ready for more mature relationships…..but, throw a baby into the mix and you are kinda bonded for life……..
how do i know if my hamster is actually pregnant?
Q: my syrian hamster is 16 days pregnant well i think she pregnant. she has put on loads of weight. and she is Always trying to nibble my fingers which i have read that pregnant hamsters do. but is there away to find out she is 100% pregnant?also if she is pregnant she is due to give birth tonight roughly what time will she start being in labor? could she always have a late birth?
A: Hamsters are pregnant for 21 days.Most likely she will have them at night or whenever you are not their.
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